The Oprah Winfrey show just seems to go on and on, with the 58 year-old talk show host veteran still successful, in spite of the struggles of her television network Own. Though the plight of that might be a worry for the star's outgoing column, her income is still looking healthy, the proof of the pudding being that Forbes - chaps who seem to enjoy totting up lists about how much moolah everyone's rolling in - have named her the highest paid celebrity/em> over the past year.
The period of time Forbes do their surveying runs between May of last year and this, and in that time they reckon that the talk show Queen has earned some $165 million from her various ventures. It's the fourth year in a row that she's been top of the pile, and with her syndicated shows now done for the foreseeable future she's got plenty of time to pump that back into her ailing business. However, there is a footnote to this success in that, due to the ending of her long-running talk show in May, her earnings have dropped a remarkable $125 million from the previous year.
It says something then that she still comes top, beating out Transformers: Dark Of The Moon director Michael Bay into second; he took $160milion. Another veteran hanging on in there was Steven Spielberg, who came in third with earnings of $130 million.