Oprah Winfrey may be one of the most famous faces on the planet, not to mention one of the richest people in the entertainment industry, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't go unnoticed every now and then. The billionaire media mogul claims that during a recent trip to Switzerland, her misidentification led to an unpleasant prejudice being unearthed in urban inner-Europe.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah was involved in the race-associated incident at the Zurich store

Oprah was speaking to Entertainment Tonight earlier this week when she discussed the incident that took place at an up-scale Zurich handbag shop. The media mogul claims that the shop assistant refused to show her an expensive handbag - a crocodile skin Tom Ford worth $38,000 - that was being held behind the counter, with Oprah recalling that the assistant told her that the bag will "cost too much and [she] will not be able to afford [it]."

"I was in Zurich the other day at a store whose name I will not mention. I didn't have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear. I had my little Donna Karan skirt and sandals, but obviously The Oprah Winfrey Show is not shown in Zurich," she said. "I go into a store and say to the woman, 'Excuse me, may I see that bag over your head?' and she says to me 'No, it's too expensive.'"

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Both Oprah and the store manager claim the incident was nothing more than a 'misunderstanding'

Oprah said that she asked for the bag three different times, being refused each time until she finally agreed with the shop assistant and told her that she was "probably right," which obviously wasn't the case. The billionaire, said to be worth around $2.8 billion, insisted that the incident wasn't completely racially motivated and she didn't give out the details as to which shop she was visiting at the time. She continued; "I could've had the big blow up thing and thrown down the black card and all that, but why do that?"

Although the Oprah didn't name the shop, it's identity was soon revealed as the classy boutique Trois Pomme, the manager of which has since spoken to CNN about the situation, insisting that the incident was a ""200 percent misunderstanding" that had nothing to do with race.

"Mrs. Oprah said she just wanted to look at the bag, she didn't want it taken down, and because my sales assistant felt a little embarrassed about the price, she quickly said that she also had the model in other materials such as ostrich and suede, which weren't so expensive," manager Trudie Goetz said.

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What do you make of the whole incident