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"Genesis 2:15,"The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it."

Posted 10 years 3 weeks ago by Thevisionary

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Thanks for agreeing with most of my contentions.Regarding abortion as I a have already stated I believe that any one who hides behind either pro life or pro choice slogans has blood on their hands. i.e 95% of the Country.The goal is to have as few abortions as possible. Abortions go up under far right and Religious agenda's.I said that Jesus would not want animal cruelty and pollution etc. We have the land - but we must be good stewards of the land. So I struggle to see how decent people can disagree on that.I am not sure about Jesus’ views on homosexuality and I have concerns about gay marriage. We live in a Democracy. For Democracies to work the electorate must be informed. Thus one can pray in church etc - but when it comes to politics one must use one's brain. One can not suggest that God has given instructions to invade Iraq or appoint Brown as head of FEMA. To do so - Just makes God look stupid and no politician has that right. The Constitution - written by people with intelligence and good Christian pedigree is quite clear on this. Even "God Bless America" is totally incorrect unless it is preceded by "God bless Humanity"The evangelists are the pillar to the Neocons. Understanding that is what makes a scumbag like Rove so brilliant and so dangerous. Thus the foul actions of the Neocons destroy the integrity of the evangelists. Organized Religion can discuss issues - but they must never be too close to a party. To suggest that Democrats are less Godly is absurd and since it is slander - it is also a sin.As demonstrated by my list in my prior post ( a list that you appear to agree with) this administration - is far removed from any rational interpretation of Christ's teachings - in fact they are the opposite. By aligning one self with these people one is aligning oneself with the opposite of Christ.Any true and Educated Christian should be willing to launch a Crusade against the White house. That's what I want to do. Only when this is done can Christians in this Country be credible. ( I do not want to suggest that I consider myself a wonderful Christian - but I know that I have better morality than the core Religious Right - or anyone that respects or appears with Pat Robertson or George Bush.I am not saying that the Republicans must go - I am saying that all the individuals involved in crimes against humanity and the planet must go. Any one obstructing Justice must go and any one covering up for the White house must go.We must demand truth integrity and intelligence. Bush's false prayers have brought nothing but catastrophes. The following joke sums up everything that is wrong with the Bush apologists ( and there is plenty of supporting material in these posts - just try and find any substance in Joe's nonsense)Q. How many Bush Admin. officials does it take to replace a faulty light bulb? A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb; its conditions are improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are a delusional spin from the liberal media. That light bulb has served honorably, and anything you say undermines the lighting effect. Why do you hate freedom?

Posted 10 years 3 weeks ago by Thevisionary

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By the way Joe - I do have solutions - but since you have no intellectual curiosity it never occurred to you to ask.

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JoeYou certainly have the ability to say absolutely nothing. Labels (incorrect ones at that ) are not a subsitute for substance and your attacks are just stabs in the dark.On another note you previously questined my contention that 53% of Americans believe that Man was created exactly as stated in the BibleHere it is:CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll. Sept. 8-11, 2005. N=1,005 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3. "Which of the following statements comes closest to your views on the origin and development of human beings? Human beings have evolved over millions of years from other forms of life and God guided this process. Human beings have evolved over millions of years from other forms of life, but God had no part in this process. OR, God created human beings in their present form exactly the way the Bible describes it." Options rotated Evolved,31God Guided Evolved,12God HadNo Part 1Exactly As Bible Describes 53Other (vol.) Unsure 3 Any way here is the link: http://www.pollingreport.com/science.htmAnyway, this is one of the scariest statistics. Now do you want contest my statement that 67% of Bush voters thought that Iraq attacked us etc, etc.Anyway I know you are so proud of being an American. You were born here, well done - how so very clever of you, pray tell how did you do that? and that your family has been here 150 years...... Gosh, it just brings joy and pride to my heart as well. Just imagine if you had been born in Iran - who would you be fighting for then? Wow it really does make one happier if one is simple. Ignorance is bliss.You are are welcome carry on talking claptrap, while I will simply repsond with facts and enlightenment.

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I have an associate whom is an excelleant therapist, would you like her number? So, nice to hear that you presume to speak for Jesus...typical Liberal so full of their own self, and not forthcoming with solutions, only blame. By the way...Thank God for Howard Dean!...we'll have another good Republican in the executive office for another generation! I'll bet your just beside yourself..your southernmost sphincter is so compressed you'll need to give an extra kneel to Mecca to have any chance at decompression. Now, I'll let you run along little boy and yap at someone else. Best of luck in your pathetic life and enjoy your eternity with Satan.

Posted 10 years 4 weeks ago by joe v

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Brilliant - so your idea of a rebuttal is to correct a timeline issue, which had nothing to do with the substance of what I was sayingThen you provide an ill informed label. Then you proceed to demonstrate that any one who is interested in facts must be a Liberal and then presumptiously presume that being a Liberal is ungogly or unworthy. In fact all you have is presumption and absolutely no substance. But you do admit to being Christian that apparenetly supports this administration so please allow me to point out some stuff out to you so that you can start finally conducting yourself in a logical, moral and Christian manner.Christians should follow the teachings of Christ.Jesus would not support Torture.Jesus would not suppport Wars - especially illegal ones.Jesus would not support assisinations of World leaders (Pat Roberstson)Jesus would not support lying about such (Pat Robertson)Jesus would not support the death Penalty.Jesus would not be thrilled about the right to bear machine Guns.Jesus would not support the right to lie about political apponents.Jesus would not support a conspiracy to mislead the public.Jesus would not support trickle down economics.Jesus would not support the destruction of the Planet.Jesus would not support inhumane treatment of livestock.The one time Jesus did lose his temper is when he rampaged through the profiteers in the temple. If alive today he would no doubt lose his temper with the same type who now occupy the white House.Jesus - would forgive you, but only once you had allowed some one to turn the light on it that dark recess that should be occupied by a brain.Please note that Just because Jesus might be for turning the other cheek and a pacifist and a trickle up econmist - please do not presume those are my politics - I just despise the hyprocasy and ignorance that is at the root of your infantile politics.

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The Visionary.....You did not disappoint, your response was textbook liberal garbage. Permit me to correct your timeline, the USA entered the war 2 years and 3 months after the Germans entered Poland. I would encourage you to "think" rather than copy text from a history book. Recuedas que necessitas a comprendar lo que tu leas, y tambien debes a pensar antes de escribir. Should you not posses a multi-lingual capabality such as I, let me translate for you."Remember that you need to understand what you read, and also think before you write"..Now, I'll make your day. I am white male, 47 years of age, gun lover, Christian, Republican, US Army veteran whose family has been in this country for over 150 years...in other words I am everything that makes your little toes nervous..and as far as your insulting the religion of the posters on this site...I will turn the other cheek and pray for you,..Had I been a Muslim I could have had your head, your wife...your relatives...e.t.c. Thank God for the USA huh?...Cherrio!

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by joe v

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I finally figured it out.....TheVisionary is campaigning to be either the next Democratic National Committee Chairman OR the next Senator from New York!! HEEYAHHHHHH!! HEEYAHHHHHHH!!

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by deadhead57

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Vicapologies in advance for being rather mean:"WACO, Texas - A pastor performing a baptism was electrocuted inside his church Sunday morning after adjusting a nearby microphone while standing in water, a church employee said"In Texas do they understand that water conducts elctricity, or is this too complicated and thus they rely on Intelligent design. Pray by all means - but Think firstCheap shot I know - but I suspect this poor fellow might be a candidate for the annual Darwin awards. To be fair the most likely explanation for this horrible accident is Murphy's law.

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Joe - also your comments on WW2, demonstrate the typical type of brainwashing that you have been subjected to all your life.The French initial performance was no worse than the USA. Three years after the invasion of Poland the USA enter the War and only after they were attacked. Some historians argue that US public opinion had to be tricked into the War by an enlightened President. There were plenty of high level Fascist apologists and spy's (as there were in other Countries.)By this time The Russians had already beaten back Hitler at a loss of nearly 8 million people and Montgomery had turned the tide in Africa. The Italian fleet had been sunk as had the French (before they could hand the ships over to Hitler) also the "Battle of Britain" had ocuured with devasting losses to the Gernman airforce.While I agree that it is reasonable to state that with out America the European theatre may have ended in some type of German victory - to state tha the USA won the War (by their own brilliance) is akin to saying that the Germans won the battle of Waterloo. (There late entry did tip the balance).The sad lesson today is that if these events were to occur today that there would be many more Fascist apologists in the US. Other Countries have apparently learned their history and a wiser as a result.Start thinking and stop praying.

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Joe - incoherent ranting does not get you anywhere. This warped logic has lead to corruption, lies, torture and a total bastardisation of Christian principles. America has had some good moments and prior the fall of the Berlin Wall it was generally a force for good.But with twits like you running the show the USA is just an embarassment.It is not a matter of being for or against America - it is matter of acting with morality and intelligence. So desist from jingoistic prattle.How will America fight Avian flu? - will you pray or will you ask Scientists how to prevent, mitigate and cure?

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"The Visionary"...has sight and memory problems. The greatest country in the history of man is always ready to give to aid in the form of volunteers and material when disaster strikes other countries. The USA has literally rebuilt nations and to a stretch the European continent! The FRENCH in 1939 to 1940 paid the price for not invading Nazi Germany when "The Hun" was having their way in Poland..Their excuse?.."We don't want to give them cause to bomb, or invade us" and we know what happened in June of 1940...to use Winston Churchills' description of a German "A Hun alive is a war in prospect"...today it is quite applicable to say that "A muslim alive is a jihad in prospect" I am truly embarrased for the way liberals thrown themselves prostrate when the mention of "It is a great shame in the muslim faith to..." the left's response..."Oh My..well we had better not do that to those most holly people"...my response....HA! these are the same people that treat women as 3rd class citizens..cattle! rape their neighbors than kill the girl for protesting....not protest when Kurds are gassed by the thousands...! they take exception to a nude body...and turn their attatched heads when their neighbor has theirs removed!...by a dull butter knife!...so Mr. Visionary...Get a clue you blind cucumber head!...man will not change...period. until you put a stop to dictatorships and theocracies that espouse hate and intollerance you have just joined them. Make no mistake, this is a war of ideology, it has been for thousands of years. George Bush is a visionary that has dared take the challenge so that our great grandchildren might live in a world of peace where their forefathers had the courage to face the Ostritch at home and the Satan abroad. So while you sip your coffee from South America, and gas up your Volvo as the light freedom breeze ruffles your Polo shirt think how great this country is, and how it cannot continue with courage of conviction, and personal sacrifice. This is what the adult tantrum throwing Ms. Sheehan does not understand. There has always been great American heros ready to offer the supreme sacrifice so that our noble ideals may be carried forth for those yet to breath their first breath of freedom. This breath nurtured by the men and women who fell alone in body but surrounded in spirit of the hundreds of thousands of heros that gave their lives so we might continue their glorious dreams of a world that one day..may not have to give blood to remove viscious dictators and religious despots!

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Under certain scenario's invading Iraq may have been OK. Howver it is not a question of fighting them in Iraq or the USA.Rememeber before we attacked (having mislead the world community) there were more Terrorists in the UK than in Iraq.As result of our lies, Torture, Incompetence, warped Religion, 30,000 civilans have died and another religion has been trashed. This is what creates Terrorists. There are now more Terrorists than there were, because more people want to harm America - and this has occuured because there are simply more reasons to hurt America. America's enemies are not jealous, they are contemptuous - and not with out some justification.

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To Truthfromtheyouth.What a heart warming post. You are right. My generation, your parents generation have failed and we are a total disgrace. We have abused our inheritance and we will be passing on to our children a terrible legacy.I hope the youth will retain their ideals and not fall into the same self centred myopic claptrap that is so evident in these threads. My generation has blood on it's hands and they are so happy that it is some elses blood and some elses problem. They think they will be dead before Winter is no longer a season.Finally of course there is global warming. But lets just say that we can't prove that statement 100%. My response to that is - if I was to offer you a refreshing drink and that there was a 90% chance that that drink would give you an insiduous disease - should one offer that drink? Should you drink that drink?i.e 100% proof is not required. Atleast 90% of Scientists accept that excessive human activities caused Carbon dioxide is causing or atleast exascerbating Global waring. Of course with oil companies making the odd trillion dollars of profit they are quite capable of sponsoring their own Science studies and promoting propoganda to further their own interests. Proof of this can be seen in that they already own the White House. Inspite of incredible profits the recent energy bill gives them more subsidies and lower environmental standards.The real trajedy is that reducing manmade Carbon dioxide is no only easy - but would aslo help the US economy. So you see our generation is not only guilty of negligence but it is also guilty of stupidity. Next time you see a Hummer driver, understand that you are probably looking at a self centred idiot who happens to be funding Terrorism and sponsoring Global warming. That driver is more than likely sporting an 'I support the Troops' logo, with a fish sign and believes Bush is a Prophet right out of the Book of Mormon.Sorry about that.

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Wow, I can’t believe what I am reading. Did I see a “nature is in her course and this time she chooses to be warm?” That is just sad, but it makes sense that it’s coming from a republican. Even democrats don’t really care about the environment though. All politicians are out to do is make a lot of money with their inside information. The American Government is so corrupt it’s unbelievable. And i'm sure they are happy to see all of the people posting on this thread are spitting out their very own spin and talking points. “Global warming, if it exists” I can’t believe someone is dumb enough to think that and still operate a computer. I love how some in the older generations (who i mostly respect)just wave off global warming and collect their social security I’m paying for because they won't be around to deal with either, its time to think for more than just yourselves America!!!. The sad thing that makes the whole situation worse is that our country has to rely on idiots like Decaprio to get anyone’s attention about important subjects. Of course global warming has nothing to do with earthquakes and tsunamis, and no one smart is asking people to sit in the dark and freeze in the winter. We just have to stop being such dumb Americans and get more then 10 miles per gallon, while we depend on the Saudis who blow up our buildings. And I love the comments about the U.S. servicemen and women kicking a-s-s. 2000 heroes dead in a useless war and people are still trigger happy. I wish there was a draft so people who say stuff like that would have their family members over there getting killed, and not kids who just want enough money to go to college so they can learn that global warming does exist. If you believe global warming is real and you read this far I’m impressed.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by TruthFromTheYouth

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Mooman One other comment - I never brought up Marxism - outside of the fact that I happened to remember that Jimmy Carter had an idea back in the seventies. For simply referencing that - I was labelled Marxist.From experience that is what the far right do. They listen Anne Coulter, Hannity, and Fox News and then go round labelling anyone who exposes them. That is what Karl Rove is so brilliant at - but it is destroying the fabric of what was once a stable democracy.

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Mooman. Thank you for taking the time to read my comments. You are obviously a person I would appose but atleast you appear willing to be enter into an intelligent debate. The only apposing person who actually did not totally rely on meaningless cliche'sObviously it would require a huge esssay to address your comments - so I am happy to focus on one issue. Why don't you choose one of my pet peeves and perhaps you would be so kind as to enlighten me on one of them.Some ground rules.1) No labeling. I am quite happy to live in a capitalist Country. I would also be happy to live in a place like Norway which could be called Socialist. 2) No Jingoism. I would be happy to fight for America when it is right or fight against it when it is wrong. I understand that if one volunteers into the Armed services one loses one right to make such determinations.3)No copy and pastings from partisan websites.So perhaps you might like to tackle one of my pet peeves and perhaps we can both become more objective.1) What is an Intelligent Energy Policy.2) Should we respect the religious right (US version)3) Should we have attacked Iraq at the time we actually attacked Iraq?4) Are Americans as wonderfull as they appear to believe they are5) Where the majority of people who voted for Bushes ignorant of basic facts.6) Does adherence to an extreme position on say abortion - does this save or cost lives?7) Is it unfair to attack some religions such as Mormonism or say Christians for Bush. Thanks for atleast thinkingPlease note that I can not back up all of my briefly listed assertions in my prior posting - I do not keep everything I read - but if the debate gets interesting enough I am sure that I would be able to back up most of my compartive comments.

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Did Okra have any real scientist on to rebuke these idiots that were on the show?

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by whitemcky

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Ok 'thevisionary' (this name is a joke... right? Please tell me you aren't serious.) I just had to respond to this one point by point. Just refer back to your points and match 'em up.1) Agree'd. We just happen to be more fortunate in many other respects. But this proves nothing.2) True... but so far no one is accusing you of objective thinking.3) This statement is based on what? By previous statements it is obvious that you know little about 'real Christians'. The certainly would if that political party stands for the morals they believe in. And for the last part... that is pure hogwash. If it were true then Christianity would have disappeared at the fall of the Roman or even the Byzantine empires. Darn... you mean we are extinct and didn't know it? Then what is the fuss about? LOL4) LOL... Evangelicals by definition CAN'T destroy the teachings of Jesus since by definition that is what they are evangelizing. Did you really think this through before you typed it? Politics is just another means of getting the word out my friend. Seems your real beef is that you can't shut them up. Weren't you talking about free speech before? How funny.5) Wow... this post board has influence world opinion that much??? Funny I didn't notice it sooner. LOL From what I have read the only 'hate' was for uninformed, 'echo chamber' comments.6a) This data is based on what? And it also seems you are extrapolating a bit which is definitely not scientific of you.6b) Yes you outlined... but that was simply your opinion. I think you will find that many disagree with your conclusions.6c) Assuming this is true (and I have heard the government condemn it) then the US Goverment is about in line with most of the other world governments... in practice. As for whether it is effective or not, who knows. I haven't been present for torture, nor had the chance to verify information gleaned from torture. Have you?6d) Show us your data. Anyway assume for a second that this was true to a degree... they also have a more socialist (but not to be confused with communist) government help system that is riddled with flaws and actually makes somethings harder. They also pay MUCH higher taxes. Also your idea of poverty is based on what? What is the average income compared to average US income?6e) The key word is 'realatively'.... relative to what? My grandfather was a 'blue collar' worker but still had all his bills paid, owned a house (not fancy, but his) and even had sattelite TV. The poverty rate is more to blame on the liberals dumbing down the education system by lowering expectations and the constant push to have people more reliant on the government to get their needs than being self-reliant and hard working. Somebody sold the idea that the government owes you so stop working for it. As for how good it is in Scandanavia... yet you still choose to live where? Guess it isn't so bad after all eh? I am sure they would let you immigrate if you wanted to leave.6f) This one is just laughable... I know MANY Republicans. By your statement then about 2 out of 3 Republicans that I know believe this. Funny... I haven't been able to find one. The only people I have heard claiming that people think this is the liberals. Again... show me your data to support this statement.6g) This is pure malarky. The US has HEAVY regulations on pollution from industry as well as from vehicles. In my own state we continually have to have emissions test done on our vehicles before we can renew registration and it is the same in many other states. This seems to be based on the fact that we turned down the Kyoto Protocol... so what? You obviously haven't read it... or read between the lines. But this has all been stated already so either you didn't bother reading the earlier post or you are willfully ignorant.6h) Where is your logic coming from? Condoms have a failure rate... Abstinence does not. Gee since with HIV your are betting your life which gives you the better odds? And teaching this is bad? How will more abstinent people (till marraige, and then monogamous) be more likely to get HIV? This is another one you didn't think through was it? More people will die of HIV because people like you muddy the waters rather than try and teach them the thing that will give them the best chance at survival. But then if you believe in evolution... people that would risk dying to get laid are just culling the idiocy out of the species. Way to go, Darwin.6i) Excuse us for believing in life... I guess this is another 'keep your mouth shut' deal? Being passive about your values is a way to watch them get trampled on. Same as your liberties.6j) I am assuming this a 'gun control' statement? If guns kill people... then I ought to sue Ticonderoga because my good ole #2 pencil mispelled words. People kill people, not guns. When it wasn't guns, it was swords, and knives, bare hands, and even rocks. Murder is timeless... but the weapon isn't to blame.6k) Crusade: A vigorous concerted movement for a cause or against an abuse. See Synonyms at campaign. -Dictionary.com -- see... it doesn't have just a religious meaning although the liberals would like to treat it like it does. Poor choice of words maybe, but still honestly meant.6l) Ok... third times a charm... Sources for your data? Poorly documented sources aside, I think our ideas of why the Educational system is bad (no disagreement on that point) are quite different. See my previous statement about liberals and dumbing down the standards. Yet they scream when a Governor wants stricter testing to catch the problem early so it can be addressed. As for political corruption... you have got to be kidding me right? Do a little research on the problems found in other governments first. The same for elections. You need to learn how to use google... and PLEASE list your references when you give statistics or quote opinions or we will start thinking you just made it up.6m) references references references... as for that being proven... bull. Show me where it was proven and not just speculated? There was an article in Discover Magazine about this very subject just a couple of months ago. I suggest you read it. The rejection of GM is mainly due to misinformation and paranoia not data. Once again you can blame the greenies for this.Here you have abandoned the numbering so I shall too... Actually... despite being an evangelical Christian, I happen to love science, have encouraged the study of science with my kids, and often discuss science with my family. Your lack of logic in your arguments and poor use of refernces shows you have a very weak background in science. Allergic to garlic, are you?Your logic on organized religion doesn't hold up at all. Using the same logic I could say that secularism is bad because it promotes the idea of self. Leading to rampant pursuit of self-interest to the detriment of others... is that true? Rethink your argument.LOL... most religions recognize this? What are you basing thing statement on? And I am confused on what 'newly unearthed gospel' you are referring to.As for hate... I have heard more hate spewed at Christians than I have heard 'spewed' at just about anyone else on earth... leaves you to wonder who is really doing the hating these days. (quote-- "fundamentalist (Christians) are the biggest threat to humanity"... if that isn't hate then what is?) LOL... now you are flailing and becoming more irrational in your statements..."If a fundamentalist commits perjury or treason - then all of a sudden it is a 'technicality'." --- Well that depends on what the definition of 'is' is. LOLMarxist criminalizing corruption? Where do you get this stuff? LOL Better yet... who are you referring to? REFRENCES, man!!! LOLOLLastly, accusing those that don't agree with you as being an ideologue and a person that doesn't read books (read Tolkein personally for the first time when I was 4), incapable of thinking deeply, unimaginative, backwards (see my previous comments on science and your lack of), and unobjective, is the worst sort of arrogant, and bigoted tripe I have ever heard and totally undermines any point you tried to make. Combine that with the worst sort of 'echo chamber' spewing of innuendo and garbage data without one reference to back up your statements throws you into the very catagory you try to consign me and those like me to.I am a Christian, I am proud of being a Christian, I don't hate anyone (not even mulims of whom I have a few as friends), I read constantly all varieties of reading material, I discuss what I read, I don't always agree with what I read, I create art, I innovate ideas of all sort (none earth shattering, but then I haven't seen your Nobel Prize either), and I came by my beliefs and values through carful consideration not just because someone told me to.I don't necessarily believe you are homosexual (nothing you have said referenced that one way or another), you seem to have a facination with marxism (since you bring it up more than anyone I have heard in the last 20 years) but I don't believe you necessarily are one since I don't know you, I have no idea what your illnesses are other than an overwhelming bitterness towards those that believe in God, I truely hope you are well and have lots of friends and family around you. And God is not American... he is God. LOLI will pray that you start thinking.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by moomanfl

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Quite a few fundamentalists fanatics on this board. Totally unable to rebut Science, but certainly able to spout jingoistic claptrap.1)Americans are no better than any other individual.2) Objective thinking does not make one a communist.3) A real Christian would not align themselves with a political movement - because if they did, then that religion would simply sink with that political party.4) The Evangelicals in the US are destroying the concept of the teachings of Jesus. They are even worse than Mormons (the book of Mormon being a hoax) because atleast the Mormons are smart enough to stay out of politics.5)America is perhaps the most loathed Country on the planet - because of the irrational hatespewing pagan garbage that one sees on this postboard.6) This Country does have real problems and I will list a few of them.a) 53% of Americans beleive that God Created man exactly as outline in the Bible (i.e no such things a dinosaurs, science etc.)b) Democracy is severely weakend for reasons outlined previously.c) The US Government believes in Torture. This is not only immoral but also stupid- since it does not work and threatens US troops.d) Inspite of massive Wealth, poverty is a far greater issue than in Europe (as is affordable housing medical medical Care)e) Blue collar Workers have a relatively poor lifestyle. There is no poverty in Scandanaviaf) 67% of Republicans beleived Iraq was behin 9/11. Actually there were more terrorists in the UK than in Iraq.g) America is the only Country not trying to combat Global Warming.h) More people will die of AIDS because of the emphasis on abstinence over education.i) More unborn babies will be aborted because people are either pro life or pro choice. These very slogans make objective dialogue virtually impossible.j) More people will die from fire arms because of the intransigence of apposing parties.k) When America bombs Iraq - evidently it is a Crusade.l) According various international league tables America has a relatively poor Educational system, relatively high political corruption and very few Ameican Cities make it into the top twenty five. Places like Melbourne, Sydney, Oslo, Paris and Vienna dominating.m) 95% of Americans have no interest in issues like GM foods. 95% of Brits do not want it - not because it has been proven safe or unsafe, but because it has been proven that it has a negative impact on Biodiversity and does not increase productivity in the longterm.Back that brings us back to Science which is to many Americans like garlic to a vampire.Back to religion. Organised religion is not healthy since it becomes a business - where growth, revenue and power overshadow humility and truth. Giving money to Church is generally speaking a second tier charity. Being a thoughtful human being and an enlightened consumer can do more good than giving to your local club.Most proper religions recognize this. The Gospels, especially the newly unearthed gospel recognise this- as does hinduism and bhudists. How can one seriously listen to people like Pat Robertson and Bush? The Fundamentalist right, like most fundamentalists are the biggest threat to humanity. They are blind, they do not listen and they rebut with Labels, hatred and total nonsense. If a fundamentalist commits perjury and treason - then all of a sudden it is a "technicality". If a fundamentalist is corrupt, they objcet that marxists are trying to crimilize corruption. No, an idelogue will not understand this post. It is not wrapped up in the flag - so it must be wrong. No the writer of this post must be a marxist homosexual deservedly waisting away from aids in a hovel barren of love, companionship and an American God.No, an ideologue does not have time for books, introspection, new ideas, Science, objectivity. Blind faith is so easy, so euphoric.Stop praying and start thinking.God bless humanity.

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Gosh, I'm just so overwhelmed by the obvious intelligence advantage that "super-dave" dmac, thevisionary and, the biggest mental giant of them all, dicaprio, have over all the rest of us! Notice how dmac and thevisionary just spout their own trite rote, very much how dicaprio and the other "hollywierd" liberals do with their own brand. I especially like barbara streisand living in her giant mansion, shaking that ugly finger at the rest of us for destroying the planet! Just consider what a horrible planet this would actually be if the liberals, the "hollywierd" elitists, and brain-dead jokers like dmac and thevisionary were to have their way with a country as great as this! The only things standing in their way right now are God, the Great American "Unwashed" (those of us who make the country work instead of spending our existences making movies or trying to brainwash our youth by acting as teachers), and people whose brains are more active than their mouths!Also, always remember, "American troops kick what nearly all the others kiss!". Just imagine the image of the back-end of a donkey next to that quote!

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Yes, he's a normal guy -- but he's horribly misinformed. You ask any meteorologist and they will tell you that the hurricanes and similar storms are part of a thirty year cycle, which we are in the middle of. This is based on looking at the last hundred years of data. And tsunamis are caused by undersea earthquakes -- which have nothing to do with global warming or cooling.

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Oh, come on. He's a normal person, like you and I, with opinions. He has the right to express his opinion just as much as you do. Get over yourself.

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I am sure some of the CO2 ommisions of course were never made going to and from his movies that he has made in sport utility trucks...He sort of leaves out that because of our productivity we give most of the aid when crisis occurs to the countries that don't produce. The movie industry is rife with hypocrisy and misinformation. Nice to sit back in their ivory towers, armchair quarterback the political and scientific community, give away 2 or 5 million to their favorite enviormental 'Save the South African Warbler' and criticizing the very country that enables the 'working man' the means, culture and life to afford to buy that evil smog producing vehicle to go watch his movies. Captain America "stay free"

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OMG, I am SOOOOOOOO sick of the actors of the world pontificating over global warming/ animal rights / whatever the cause du jour is.....Its not that I dont agree that there are some behaviors that need modifying, but c'mon YOU MAKE MOVIES FOR A LIVING!!!!!!!!! They are probably the biggest bunch of hypocrits in the world. DOes this punk Dicaprio smoke? Does he wear leather shoes? Does he eat meat? Does he write on paper? They are so ridiculous. Why not take all the energy and resources they use preaching to us, and feed a hungry family. Buy prescriptions for a retired person that doesnt have the income to do so. There are SO many causes that they can align themselves with, so many causes that REALLY need help.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by moey

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Boy......!I sure am glad another "Actor" is warning us and guiding us thru life. Makes me feel much better!

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Please spare me. He narrates a "documentary" and becomes an instant expert? The Earth has been warming and cooling for millions of years. If the Earth hadn't warmed up after the last Ice Age, we wouldn't be here. One large volcanic erruption spews more polutants than all the cars in the US combined.

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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and in the mouth of the 'know it all' hollywood types it is a down right laugh. The Visionary reminds me of alot of the guys that I went to the university with - the one's that couldn't cut it after the first year and had to think to stay in school and really start their learning efforts or get out and find a job somewhere else. They left and find it easier to 'listen and repeat' instead of really reading, studying and thinking before one speaks the drivel that comes out of their mouths. For me (nine years of university schooling and five degrees), I know that most hollywood types speak from their own self interests and learned scripts. And before you speak about the Kyoto Protocol you ought to read it and try thinking about what it really says and it's impact on the U.S and how truly anti-American it really is. By the way, TheVisionary, you should know that the majority of academics and scientists have a real belief in God and prayer takes some thought - but maybe you don't know anything about that. And your reference to Carter - oh, yeh! He was a real winner. Enough said!

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Lets just talk science for a minute. We know that the Earth is slowing down over time. The effect of this is that the Earth's magnetic field weakens as it slows. The magnetic field deflects radiation from the sun as it strikes the Earth. It seems logical to me that if more radiation reaches the Eath than before than the temperature will rise as the Earth itself radiates its heat into the atmosphere. Temperatures rise and fall based on the amount of heat the physical planet gives off. There may be many things that affect the Earths rotation, volcanoes and earthquakes for instance. We know that the earthquake that caused the Tsunami actually stopped the Earth from rotating for a short moment. We just do not know enough about the affects of natural events on the Earth. Leo, sit down and learn some science.

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...just a thought," however did Mr. DiCaprio transport his righteous self to the Oprah Winfry show?" "A Baboon in the forest is cause for Public speculation, A Baboon in the Zoo is subject to Public curiosity, a Baboon on the Oprah Winfrey show discussing "Global Warming" prompts mass wretching"

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Certainly Mr DiCaprio has a right to voice his ideas about global warming. I'm glad he has a passion for the earth and for mankind. I have a few questions related to global warming. I have been asking them for a long time and never seem to get any answers. All I ever hear is how bad global warming is and how bad America is for causing it. Try these:Do you have specific knowledge about US Energy Policy?Have you ever visited with anyone from an electric company, particularly one which has coal AND nuclear generation? Do you fly? Do you own your own plane?Have you gone from community to community and studied individual and municipal conservation efforts?Have you ever been to Mexico and seen what comes out of the power plant stacks in that country?Do you know the Kyoto Protocols and the specific burdens it places on America, especially as compared to the rest of the industrialized world? Do you know how much industry spends each year in an attempt to comply with our own government (EPA) policy? Do you know what impact this has on the economy? Do you know what kind of impact Kyoto would have on our economy?What do you propose to replace coal generation with in the United States? With nuclear? With wind? Tell me specifically how you would do either one?If there is such a thing as global warming, do you think it started 6 years ago, and do you think it will be stopped if a democrat is elected president in 2008? Do you think the recent psunamis and hurricanes were caused by global warming? Have you studied meteorology? Do you know the global climatic patterns of the past 100 years?These are honest questions. I am not a republican or a democrat. I dont have an agenda. I do have kids and I care about their future. All I am looking for is someone who has answers and solutions to our problems. There are plenty of people out there telling me what's wrong.Thank you and e pluribus unum

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Vortex - I have a feeling that you either didn't read the article or forgot what it said. Plus, you are making a blanket dismissal of a magazine and many accomplished scientists because you think they don't serve your political view.Neither the Nat Geo article nor I blamed humans or anyone else for global warming. The article was basically pointing out changes around the world that could be the result of global warming or other factors. There was a focus on rising ocean levels, rising temperatures in the Arctic, changes in animal populations, etc. Don't you think that people should be aware of these changes and their possible impact? In one sense, it doesn't matter what causes them. It is more important to know about them. For example, let's say that the oceans rise several inches from current levels. Isn't that important data for the people re-building New Orleans and trying to protect it from future hurricanes and floods?I leave the politics for the choirs that follow their leaders on talk radio. To me, this is about education.

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One thing about actors is that they have a lot of time on their hands to explore and study. One thing about bright actors is that they explore and study in depth. One thing about bright actors who understand the human heart study in depth that which is in the public interest to know. I am glad we have bright actors who can articulate what they found even if controversial, as certainly global warming is. To say that mankind would not be better off by revising its goals and objectives would be wrong. There is always room for such improvement. We are, after all, leading the value system we call the "good life" for the rest of the world and those who immitate us, such as China and India, are the far greater threats to our world as their modern economies begin mature and bear fruit. If we revise the way we live and what we call successful a better example is set. We shall not regret having taken that course.

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FORGET CAP BOY, I HAVE BETTER INFO.Gen 8:21-2221 And the LORD smelled a sweet savour; and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat , and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.KJV

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DiCaprio must be ignorant of some things. Tsunamis are not caused by Global Warming. Did this kid flunk basic science? Tsunamis are caused by earth quakes, as most of the world knows. But alas what kind of kook would DiCaprio be if he didn't say these things.Also, Global Warming is as old as the planet itself. It has always been, is now, and will always be. Quit crying about the one constant in life: "CHANGE!" Instead learn how to adapt. The earth does a pretty good job of it. It is just man is too selfish and self centered to learn to adapt. Man just runs around crying about everything.Kid is just a tool for others.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Real Truth

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If you don't believe in global warming, check out the September 2004 National Geographic. Excellent explanation of the changing Earth. Whether you want to believe or not, we have to be aware that things (ocean levels, pollution levels, animal populations, etc.) are changing and could impact humans in a bad way. It would be foolish to ignore the facts.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by kmweiss

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97% of the green house gasses is water vapor of the remaining 3% or so about 2% is carbon dioxide. carbon dioxide is used by plants to grow and put more oxygen into the air. So from the numbers we need to reduce water vapor to prevent global warming. Oh global tempetures have risen .5 deg C in the last 55 years. And the increase in temp is directly correlated to sunspot activity. Let's hope the the enviro folk really look at what it takes to take care of the planet and not grab headlines.Goz

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Goz

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When DiCaprio and other enviros sell all their combustion engin vehicles, and start walking, I'll give a listen to their ranting. bob w

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by rbobby52

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Steeler fan - It is you not hollywood that promotes anti Americanism.Why precisely are you so proud? So much pride and vanity but no enlightenment no intelligence. Developing an intelligent energy policy creates countless opportunities for capitalism.If one is against corruption and ignorance - that makes one a liberal?Not many people are against Capitalism - what one is against is unfettered capitalism. America actually has much to be concerned about, but it is too busy looking in the mirror preening to see the fatal flaws that are evolving.And what precisely is the US Government doing for our Steeler fans.1) Increasing poverty from 31m to 38m2) Sending able bodied soldiers to invented wars where they have to pay Haliburton for their own lunches.3) Destroying democracy by a) Redisdricting to make nearly all seats safe seats b) elections runs by partisans c) not manually counting votes d) 98% of contests are won by the candidate with the most money.4)Less healthcare.5) Outsourcing jobs so that more people work at walmart. So why do these people vote for Bush. a) Jingoistic pride b) blind faith c) no access to proper media or education.Stop praying and start thinking

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Thevisionary

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The hype about global warming is junk science. My first complaint about it is that there is no definition for the phenomenon. That means that anyone who wants to say that it is happening is free to define it in his own way and then assert that it is happening. My second concern is that when I hear meteorologists talk about global temperatures, they say that they are not even sure if they are measuring temperatures in the right places to know if the global temperature is increasing. The globe is very large, and weather is the product of temperature variations in land, water and air. Measuring in the right place at the right frequency is the first challenge, and trending it correctly is the second one.I also wonder if we have been measuring temperatures anywhere for a long enough period to conclude whether the globe is warming or cooling. Wouldn't we need at least a thousand years of real measurements? Furthermore, with regard to the cause of global warming, the earth has been warmer and colder many times already. There were no cars or power plants around that last time that the earth was in a hot period. I think a lot of people with warm fuzzyies about the earth have jumped to politically charged conclusions fed by a basic desire to make humans into the root of evil. We drive cars, use electricity, wear fur coats and eat meat. It sounds as if you are very altruistic and self-effacing to blame humanity for what you perceive to be global problems. Rather than serving some useful purpose, the yammering on the subject of global warming is at the very least drowning out the voice of real science.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Qat

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When will these Hollywood idiots realize that the normal, average American citizen doesn't give a sh!t about how they "feel" about any environmental, racial, political or econmic issues? They're smart enough to memorize lines and act like someone else in shows and movies but that's about as far as their intellectual prowess goes! Whay doesn't Leonardo get on Babs Striesand for using $22,000.00 worth of water per year to keep her lawn green? Now that's abusive. To believe that the puny human race can have a dramatic effect on the climate of the Earth is absurd!Go Back to Play Acting Leonard and quit embarrassing yourself!

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Schoendog

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I find it interesting that so many people know so very much about global warming...could any and/or all of Mr. DiCaprio's critics please post your credentials and foundation (references, citations) for the comments you have made? I would love to see the extensive research you have obviously done in order to make such decisive and authoritative comments.The fact is that the environment is a very delicately balanced system, on the order of a sensitive computer system. Like the computer system, if you put garbage in, you get garbage out. Anyone who thinks it is impossible for humans to create serious environmental imbalances needs to tell that to the sea life destroyed in any number of past oil spills, or the species which have become extinct in the past couple of centuries due to the spread of mankind.I am not supporting all of Mr. DiCaprio's statements, nor am I proposing that I am an expert on global warming or the lack thereof; however, I believe it is incredibly naive to say that we, as humans, are incapable of affecting (please note the spelling!) of our environment. If you are going to make definitive statements (i.e., this is not possible, etc.) I would hope that you have the research to back it up. And for God's sake, use a spellchecker! But the bottom line is, let's face it -- nobody's working to save the earth. It's mankind these people are trying to save. The earth will take care of itself; it will eventually recover from anything we can do to it. But we probably won't be around to see it, and frankly, that's just karma in action.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by LeriS

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Ah yes, the Steelers. Hometown America. Those Hollywood actors don't fool us. This country is rightous and wise. Take my city, it is a utopia of green grass and factories full of chemicals. We are a steel town. Our industry is growing and improving the enviroment (I think that's how you spell it) is our top priority. One day our kids will play side by side with dangerous toxins. We'll show those Hollywood suits a thing or two. They just want to bring us down, not improve the country for their children. They against us, me and you. Lets stand -up to these fancypants actors. They don't have to work in factories or face unemployment lines. Let's disagree with what they say, not because they are wrong, but because it makes us feel bad. We don't deserve to feel bad, we are America. Feeling bad is for other countries. God Bless us! Dave

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by dmac

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Leonardo, Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't North America covered with ice ( several miles thick in some places), four times? What happened to all that ice? It melted? How could it melt if there were no SUV's or humans to drive them to the theatre in order to see your latest flick? One of us is confused.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by steve

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Even though my thoughts do bear repeating - I apologise for the thrice repitition, having problems with my connection.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Thevisionary

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Some people have posted fake science papers. Remember that the energy industry not only runs the Government and but it has unlimited funds in order to confuse the populace.But let me explain how an intelligent energy policy would actually save the US tax payers trillions of dollars.Imagine if Jimmy Carter had imposed Gas Taxes similar to the Europeans. What would have happaned?1) Hundreds of Billions of Taxes raised, this money returned in the form of Tax Cuts and subsidies.2) Demand for Gasoline would have fallen, meaning less money for the Middle East, Less profits for the Oil Companies and various vested politicians.The USA would have developed and profited from cutting edge technolgies.3) As gas prices fall, the Gas tax increases proportionately, thus diverting funds from Middleeast back to the Taxpayers.4) The USA, being an intelligent Country could lead/work with other Countries to promote global stability.5) No nead to have Wars in Afghan, Iraq (2), Iran.6) No 9/11, no destruction of New Orleans, no loss of Civil liberties and no need to spend billions spent on domestic Security.Instead we have an organised religious cult, with no understanding of the New Testamount driving the agenda and marginalising democracy, truth, intelligence to the sidelines. Jesus would not approve of environmental pillage, Torture, imperialistic and illegal wars and general incompetence.Stop praying and start thinking.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Thevisionary

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If the body can create cancer in response to toxins and kill someone. Why is it such a stretch for you to believe that large amounts of toxins can have an effect on the Earth? I have a feeling most of you simply want to take a shot at a celebrity. I hope this is the case. If not, our education system has failed once again.Dave

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by dmac

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Mashman - Just how stupid are you on the following scale.1) Is the earth the centre of the Universe?2) Do you beleive that the earth was created exactly as per the Bible as do 53% of your Country man.3) Do you believe that Iraq attacked the USA as do 67% of Republicans.i.e. what planet do live on. What can you not rationalize as you drive your gas guzzling SUV.Can you rationalise 30,000 dead Iraqi civilians in the name of Christ?Can you rationalise Torture, deciet and incompetence in the name of Christ?Precisely what will stop you from being an ideologue and get you to think objectively.Yes Kyoto is far from perfect but is is not a conspiracy. Every Country is behind it but the USA.In Europe they pay $8 a gallon and it is easy to get a Car to do 40-50MPG. They rarely find the need to drive stupid, egotistical trucks and rationalise by saying "well they are good in the snow".What the world desparately needs is intelligent leadership from the USA. What the world gets is staggering stupidity. That is why the USA is held in contempt.By 2020 China will have 120 milion cars (up from 20 million) How can we persuade China to be reasonable when the US electorate is incapable of demanding intelligent leadership.Did you even know that there are other human beings on this planet and they are worth the same an Americans?What we get is prayer and our prayers are answered by more Catastrophies (often made by humans) than in the History of Mankind.Stop Praying and start thinking.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Thevisionary

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When will these Hollywood idiots (and Oprah) learn that we don't care what they have to say. Why would I in my right mind listen to a high school educated "expert" tell me something in black and white terms that I know to be a very complicated issue. Please Hollywood, just shut up and entertain me with your acting and singing talents.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Bigdavetx

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Hey Leo, why don't you and Tom Cruise go have coffee together and discuss both of your "expert" opinions on your beliefs as to what is wrong with this country. Keep in mind Titanic boy that Hurricanes and other natural disasters have been going on for a long long time. I am sick of your "left" wing explanations as to what is wrong with this country and how it can be changed. You and all the rest of Hollywood do not live in the real world. You see only what you want to see and think you know it all. Freedom of speech is our given right but you people take it too far. Whats next, are you going to start blaming Bush for the hurricane of 1900 in Florida or maybe some other disasters. Sit down and Shut up. Or better yet, go make a movie about it... you and George Clooney should get together, I hear he has a good movie coming out soon about conspiracy.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by bpd

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There are many historical examples of populations that refused to act to change sets of behaviors which in retrospect should have been changed when the opportunity arose. Often, individuals have claimed that because there is no proof, there is no need to act. A lack of evidence is never proof that something doesn't exist. Long before the U.S. could prove the existence of Nazi concentration camps, soldiers took action to find those camps and rescue the prisoners. There are many substances that for all practical purposes cause cancer yet the emprical evidence supporting the cancer claims are weak because of the limitations of lab work and field work. Even if your convinced that the percentage chance that global warming will be a problem is low, certainly the catestrophic consequences accompanying that low percentage chance warrant action alone.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by lindsay43

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Why is it that some of the biggest clowns on the planet feel the need to post their comments on this site? I feel like I'm in a room full of well dressed crackers. Is this really what the right thinks? The guy, Dicaprio, is just trying to rise awareness of what's happening to the Earth. Do you really believe we have had no effect? Could you be that stupid. By the way, there is research and it has been recently presented, google it. Like I said before, cowards, cowards, cowards. Dave

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by dmac

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Any pro "global warming" doomsayers do any research of thier own?Google "Solar Magnetic Cycle" you'll find out the CO2 theory of global warming is a bunch of hogwash.And I love the comment that someone brought up earlier about "3000 leading scientist" signing off on GW. How many of those 3000 were climatologist? Do a little research and you'll find out what a silly statement that is.Kyoto has very little to do about GW, and EVERYTHING to do about economics. Kyoto is a means, to level the playing field by social govenments against the US. The US economy has too great of an advantage against the rest of the world - that's also the sole purpose of the EU.Kyoto aims to cripple the US economy, and uses junk science as it's catalyst.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Mashman

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Atleast Dicaprio is raisng the subject while certain blind fools keep carping and refuse to acknowledge this issue. So stop carping and be a decent human being and demand an intellgent Energy policy. High gas prices with compensating tax cuts and subsidies.Any one not promoting such an agenda is simply fuelling further contempt for the USA, fueling Terrorism and destroyng the planet.You have no right to remain so ignorant - as it harms others.SO stop praying and start thinking.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Thevisionary

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DiCaprio is a kid....wet behind the ears who clearly has absolutely no grasp on the real science behind his fallacious claims. He is just being a liberal actor because that is what is expected of him....please don't ask him or Oprah(for that matter) to actually think ......it is asking too much!!!

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Driggsy

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I love limousine "tree fondlers." A quick public records search will tell you Leo lives in a 16 bedroom mansion...by himself. $20 bucks and a lump of [evil] coal says all those rooms are air conditioned. He does have 10 solar panels...which provide almost enough energy to power his coffee pot (who knows what powers his ego). He's got a pool he get's in probably once a year...whadaya want to bet it's heated? How bout the 1/2 acre of perfectly groomed landscaping? Funny he didn't mention his $15K monthly water & electric bill to Oprah. But you and I need to "conserve." Leo's got an electric car. Whopadeedooo! He drives it to a private airport to get in his private jet, and fly to New York...by himself. What is that $30k in jet fuel? One way? Ohhh, it's all the evil US. Funny they didn't bother to mention our 25% of global emmissions are the most regulated on earth. Wanna talk bad emmissions and shameless polution? Take your little lecture (and your private jet) to Russia, China & India (I wouldn't drink the water Leo). The sad thing is there is SOME truth to global warming, but Leo just makes you want to go burn trash in the front yard.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Kaiser Sose

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The real problem is how uninformed Americans are about the serious issues confronting our planet. The notion of Global Warming is not a wild, exaggerated idea. There is tremendous scientific data that supports the facts.Apparently, on the US is the only country not willing to join an international effort to address the issue. How selfish and obstructionist are we? Over 3,000 of the world's leading scientists have unanimously agreed and signed a treaty that we must do something to address this serious issue.I am not a fan of Hollywood stars playing political cards, but their being involved -- however irritating -- does not invalidate the mountain of scientific evidence pointing to continued disaster if we don't do something.Incidentally, all that is needed is conservation and wiser usage, alternative fuels, etc. Remember how hard it was to get people in our country to think about recycling? Well, here we go again.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by imaginist1

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Actors are story tellers. If they know their stuff they can give us clarity on some issues. This can happen in a movie or in public. They do not exist to entertain ignorant people who simply want things to be simple and smooth. These are the true cowards. You will find them posting their comments, which reveals their fear, all over the internet. They are a sad bunch, who see progress as threatening. Who see individuals that speak their minds as flawed. Yes, they are a sad,lost bunch, indeed. They have fallen into the trail of the loser. Marching along, always ready to slay the brave (celebrity or not) that attempt to make things better. Always ready to attack the person who dares rise above their perception of reality. They are not the backbone of this country. They are the anchor. They are cowards. They have failed humanity.Dave MacDonald Dave

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by dmac

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Ok, let me get this straight, psunamies are created by global warming? I thought they were an earthquake thing. Ok so we need to stop earthquakes too? Boy are we going to be busy. Ok, I have a "Stop Plate Techtonics" t-shirt already. What else can I do? If I use a pair of sissors to cut my lawn will California be prevented from sliding into the ocean? Seems kinda silly. But I am a complete moron and I can't see through this load of crap. I buy it and if Leo say's it then it is gospel! Oh great one...OPRAH...how come you are killing little baby ducks with you huge suv? I am willing to bet Leo has an suv also. Another "Whats right for you doesn't apply to me." Leo, you let the cat out of the bag, you ARE a MORON! Fool!

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Benelle

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Please Hollywood just shut up why do you think that your movies are flopping at the box office because you make one movie get your name known and the next time we see you you are spouting something about how BAD the United States is ... We the people are sick of you. Will all of you please get a real job, you obviously have to much time on your hands.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by RIGHT SIDE

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Poor guy, he's out of his league. I hate it when an actor withoutout a college education or a journalist with a degree in journalism opine about things they have no background to understand. Next Opra and DiCaprio can give me advice on an up coming surgery I may need, I heard they staid at a Holiday Inn Express.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by Brett61

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Hey DiCaprio, you flaming liberal, please read Michael Crighton's "Stae of Fear" for the truth about global warming.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by brooks

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Hey, Leo, if your that interested in CO2 emissions then perhaps you should keep your unschooled, politically correct, hollywierd pie-hole shut. While you have just as much right to espouse your opinion as anyone else, people like you seem to think that your fame gives you credentials making your opinion something special. Please spare the planet your hot air emissions, Please!!!

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by vffvkarl

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Leo ... please focus on acting. Climatology is just a tad beyond your reach. Sheeeeeesh!Jeff

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by LocalGuy

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Here are some great facts.95% of Greenhouse effect is caused by watervapor.The other 5% is caused by carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and a few other of the "Greenhouse Gasses." Carbon is the most dominant of these gasses by volume (99.4%)but it accounts for 72% of the trapping of heat. So... Carbon is responible for 3.6% (72% of the non water vapor 5%.) BUT some of the atmosphereic Carbon is natural. About 97% is natural and 3% from humans. This means that .11% of the greenhouse effect is due to humans. With all that then consider that the industrial age has been in full swing for less than 100 years and our carbon output did not reach half of its current levels until the 1970's. How is it possible that we are melting the 5 billion year old ice caps with just 35 years of effecting the .11% of the greenhouse gases.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by caspercobb

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How do the enviro-wackos explain the "global warming" currently taking place on the planet Mars?

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by StarKey116

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It would take us 50+ years to dump the amount of pollution that Mount St.Helens dumped into the atmosphere in a few hours. It is scare-mongoring to say that we are effecting the earth's temperature...How do you explain that the temperatures in the middle-ages were warmer than they are now? Medievil SUVs???We are simply in the beginning statges of a hurrican cycle, similar to what happened in the 30's and 40's...read a little about HISTORY before your own birth. Global warming may be happening, but we are not the cause...Also, I don't recall DiCaprio mentioning that China is currently the world's top polluter...smells of anit-capitolism to me....

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by MrScary

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Sadly, Mr. DiCaprio has not learned that it is better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. The earth's atmosphere is about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and the other 1% is mostly argon gas. If a football field were divided representatively, carbon would represent less than an inch and a half. It is not humanly possible to generate enough carbon to generate enough carbon to measurably alter this balance. Even if we could increase the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, it would benefit mankind in many ways - making great areas of the world more conducive to food production. The entirety of the global temperatute record since the early 1800's offers not a shred of proof that global temperatures have risen in a statistically significant way in almost 200 years. Global warming chicken littles like DiCaprio fondly point to the temperature records of places like New York City but conveniently ignore that the population thre has risen over 6000% since the early 1800s. Hurricanes connected to global warming? More fear-mongering from the enviro-wack jobs like DiCaprio - and pure bs. The academic and professional "standards" under which these environmental "experts" are allowed to operate are laughable. No other "scientific" discipline is allowed to formulate its own hypotheses, develop its own "models" interpret its own results and report them to the masses who willingly lap up their claims without question. This system would NEVER be allowed in pharmaceutical or clinical research. Most so-called "research" in the area of environmental change is hideously biased junk science. Nearly everything we hear in the popular media about the environment is emotional clap-trap that crumbles under the lense of fact and truth. The latest concerted effort among radical environmentalist and groups is "sudden climate change." When you hear that term, your bs alarm should be going off. There is a wealth of solid, academically sound literature that completely debunks the wild claims of global warming gloom and doomers. Obviously it has no place in the coordinated agenda of radical environmental groups and their pals in the media and Hollywood like Mr. DiCaprio, so if you want the facts you have to find them and educate yourself. Too many people sit back and lap up the environmental drivel dispensed by the NY Times, LA Times, Newsweek, Time etc. The choice is clear - you can take a rational factual and informed approach to issues like global warming, or you can ignore the facts and chug the kool-aid pumped out by far left enviro nut-jobs.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by justthefacts

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I admire Leo for taking his time to educate people about an issue as frightening as Global warming on TV, while other famous people take to promoting themselves.I doubt his misinformed. You are misinformed in thinking so. He acted as chairman for Earth day 2000 and is invovled with a number of environmental organizations. I can certainly say that he's more enlightened on the topic than the poster above.Get a life. Find a celebrity spending their free time on a much worthless cause to bash.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by phydipoo

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Typical spoiled uneducated damned hippie mentality. The earth goes through cycles quite often. I live in a hurricane zone. In 1933 there were almost as many storms. Guess what!, no sattelites back then. Who knows there could have been a hundred storms in 33 we just didnt know because of lack of sattelite tracking technology.Oh and by the way, tsunamis are caused by earthquakes.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by mkh7529

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I am 61 years old and have been watching all this global warming for some time. The most meaningful thing to me seems to be " all the pollution man has added to the environment since he lit his first fire on earth does not yet equal one valcanic eruption." So sit in the dark, freeze in the winter, walk the rest of your life it all means nothing. It would have no saving effect except you will live a totally miserable life, as decaprio consumes everthing sacrifices nothing and blames you for destroying the earth.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by sarge115b

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Dicaprio and other star studded 'experts', are guilty of taking a very complicated issue (Global Warming)and using it for their own selfish political purposes. I wonder how Mr.Dicaprio will explain the fact that the ground gives off more CO2 gasses, offseting all of Britains reductions in CO2 emmissions in a year,........by 300%Stick to making movies.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by KGS59

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