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Alesha Dixon's Talk Show Hopes

12th July 2009

Alesha Dixon wants to be Oprah Winfrey.The British singer has a huge amount of respect for the US talk show host, and would love to branch out into TV at some point in her career.She...

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Winfrey Dismisses Reports Of School Closure

2nd July 2009

OPRAH WINFREY has denied reports she's threatening to shut down her girls school in South Africa following allegations of sexual abuse.The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls has been rocked by two big scandals since...

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Quincy Jones Grieves For 'Brother' Michael

26th June 2009

'Thriller' producer Quincy Jones feels like a "piece of his soul" died with Michael Jackson.The music veteran was devastated by the death of his "little brother" Michael, who died in Los Angeles yesterday (25.06.09) after...

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Winfrey Treats Staff To Luxury Cruise

22nd June 2009

OPRAH WINFREY is running for the title of world's best boss - the TV mogul has treated her staff to a luxury cruise around the Mediterranean.The talk show host has paid more than $750,000 (£500,000)...

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Winfrey Hits Back At Medical Coverage Critics

5th June 2009

OPRAH WINFREY has been forced to defend her show's medical coverage after she came under fire for backing alleged controversial and unproven health practices.American publication Newsweek took aim at the chatshow legend, suggesting she uses...

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No. 1 Celebrity Angelina Jolie

4th June 2009

Angelina Jolie has knocked Oprah Winfrey from the top of Forbes ' most powerful celebrity list. The magazine estimated that Jolie earned $27 million over the past year, much of it for a movie featuring...

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Powerful Star Angelina Jolie

4th June 2009

Angelina Jolie is the most powerful celebrity in the world.The 34-year-old actress topped the annual poll by Forbes magazine, knocking US talk show host Oprah Winfrey - who has held the top spot for the...

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The Things They Say 12408

29th May 2009

"We just broke a million followers. We are having a party in the air right now. Why am I screaming? Because I just broke a million followers! I love y'all. I wouldn't be nothing without...

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Susan Boyle Through To Britain's Got Talent Live Final

25th May 2009

Scottish singer Susan Boyle has made the live final of Britain's Got Talent after her first live performance on television.The 48-year-old church volunteer shot to fame last month after her audition of I Dreamed A...

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Susan Boyle Through To Britain's Got Talent Semi-final

24th May 2009

Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle has progressed to the live semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent along with 39 other hopefuls.The 48-year-old church volunteer shot to fame last month after her audition of I Dreamed A...

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Cowell Says Lambert Will Win This Year's Idol Contest

12th May 2009

One of the reasons for this season's falling ratings for American Idol may be the lack of suspense over which contestant will ultimately win. As this week's episode prepared to spotlight the final three, even...

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Winfrey Leaves Godson Red-faced At Graduation

11th May 2009

OPRAH WINFREY embarrassed her best friend's son at his graduation - by collecting an honorary doctorate at the same ceremony. The TV titan was awarded a degree at the Duke University in Durham, South Carolina over...

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Lowe And Winfrey's Homes Safe From Fire

10th May 2009

Celebrities in California including ROB LOWE and OPRAH WINFREY can breath a sigh of relief - moist air from the Pacific Ocean has the tamed wildfires that burned down 80 houses in the state. reported...

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Winfrey Ready For Evacuation As Wildfire Rages On

9th May 2009

OPRAH WINFREY's home in Montecito, California has reportedly been evacuated as wildfires blaze within a mile of her ranch. A source tells that removal experts have been spotted packing Winfrey's belongings, making sure the talk...

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M.i.a. Asks Oprah To Help Bombed Tamils

8th May 2009

British-born singer M.I.A. is begging U.S. media queen OPRAH WINFREY to help her shed light on attacks on civilians in Sri Lanka. The star was born in the UK to Sri Lankan parents. When she was...

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Winfrey Scraps Indian Trip Over Swine Flu Fears

6th May 2009

OPRAH WINFREY has reportedly scrapped a low-key trip to India over fears about the swine flu epidemic. The media queen was set to visit the birthplace of Hindu monkey god Hanuman and had planned to fly...

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Fascinating Fact 7292

4th May 2009

Actress JENNY MCCARTHY has landed her own talk show - with the help of media mogul OPRAH WINFREY. The girlfriend of comedian Jim Carrey has been a frequent guest on the TV queen's The Oprah...

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Efron Joins Influential Stars List

1st May 2009

ZAC EFRON has been named one of the world's most influential people by a U.S. magazine - and the teen idol is in good company alongside U.S. President BARACK OBAMA, GEORGE CLOONEY, BONO and OPRAH...

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Glastonbury Chief Joins Obama On Time 100 List

30th April 2009

Michael Eavis has been named on Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world alongside the likes of Barack Obama and actor Zac Efron.The Glastonbury Festival founder said he was "flattered...

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Winfrey's 'Aha Moment' Catchphrase At Centre Of Legal Battle

24th April 2009

OPRAH WINFREY is embroiled in a legal battle with the bosses of an insurance company over the use of her signature catchphrase, the "Aha moment". The media titan is known for using the phrase to describe...

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Dicaprio And Winfrey Are The Greenest Stars

21st April 2009

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and OPRAH WINFREY are the greenest celebrities in the world, according to a new poll to unearth the most popular eco-friendly stars. DiCaprio beat off competition from Bono, Brad Pitt and actor Ed Begley...

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Sensational Stories Receive Different Treatment

21st April 2009

The case of the missing Natalee Holloway may have long ago disappeared from the tabloids and cable talk shows, but it was still fresh enough people's minds to produce record ratings Sunday night for the...

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Oprah Pulls Columbine Tragedy Anniversary Special

20th April 2009

OPRAH WINFREY has cancelled a TV special to mark the 10th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre out of respect for the victims and their families. Twelve students and a teacher were killed when Eric...

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Oprah Offered Irwin Statue

9th April 2009

Talk show queen OPRAH WINFREY has been offered the chance to buy a $60,000 (£40,000) statue of tragic CROCODILE HUNTER STEVE IRWIN - because no one in his native Australia wants it. Aussie sculptor Mitch Mitchell...

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Fbi Calling

9th April 2009

The FBI warned recipients of email messages saying that they had been selected as nominees to appear on "The Oprah Millionaire Contest Show" that the notices are fraudulent. According to the Los Angeles Times ,...

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Winfrey Gets Fbi Involved In Sweepstakes Scam

9th April 2009

OPRAH WINFREY has called in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to look into a $1 million (£680,270) scam allegedly sponsored by her talk show. Winfrey's camp was alerted to the issue by fans complaining about...

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Winfrey Denies Isolating Accused South African Students

7th April 2009

OPRAH WINFREY has denied allegations a group of students expelled from her South African girls school for sexual misconduct were kept in isolation for weeks after the scandal. Seven pupils at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy...

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Fascinating Fact 7114

3rd April 2009

The launch of OPRAH WINFREY's new U.S. television network has been pushed back one year to 2010. The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) will debut with a new series entitled Excellent Adventures. The media mogul and...

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The Hollywood President?

1st April 2009

Daily Variety , in a front-page commentary, made the case that Obama owed much of his success to his television strategy. "His image is that of someone who's in touch with people. A big part...

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Winfrey Disappointed About New School Scandal

1st April 2009

OPRAH WINFREY has spoken out about her distress over a sex scandal rocking her South African girls school. Students at her boarding school have reportedly been expelled for sexual misconduct. They are accused of sexually harassing...

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