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Wild Bunch Tops Greatest Shoot-outs Poll

1st July 2004

Classic western THE WILD BUNCH contains the best shoot-out in movie history, according to a British film magazine poll. The ultra-violent finale of legendary director SAM PECKINPAH's 1969 film - which stars WILLIAM HOLDEN,...

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Costner Agrees To More Children

2nd April 2004

Hollywood star KEVIN COSTNER has agreed to become a father for the fifth time - after his fiancee issued him with an ultimatum. The OPEN RANGE actor and director, 49, has conceded to having...

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Michael Gambon Owns Up

26th March 2004

British actor SIR MICHAEL GAMBON lied to his director and co-star KEVIN COSTNER in order to give his character in the Hollywood hit OPEN RANGE an Irish accent. The 53-year-old actor, who plays DENTON...

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Costner Defends The Postman

12th March 2004

Hollywood heavyweight KEVIN COSTNER has defended his 1997 sci-fi flop THE POSTMAN and hopes people will still watch it as it lives on in VHS and DVD format. Costner directed and starred in the...

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Costner Received Death Threats On Jfk

11th March 2004

Hollywood star KEVIN COSTNER received death threats while starring in controversial drama JFK. The OPEN RANGE director knew the film, a theory about the 22 November 1963 assassination of American president JOHN F KENNEDY,...

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Duvall: Hollywood Will Always Make Westerns

9th March 2004

Hollywood legend ROBERT DUVALL has lashed out at claims the western movie genre is outdated - insists the film format is America's answer to "SHAKESPEARE". The OSCAR-winning actor, 73, stars alongside KEVIN COSTNER and...

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Costner's Girl To Wed In J.lo's Dress?

8th March 2004

Film star KEVIN COSTNER has been bargain-hunting - for JENNIFER LOPEZ's wedding dress. The OPEN RANGE actor is shopping round for a second-hand gown for his fiancee CHRISTINE BAUMGARTNER and is keen to purchase...

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Costner Returns To Westerns

13th January 2004

KEVIN COSTNER is following the success of last year's (03) OPEN RANGE by signing up to make another western - HORIZON. The 48-year-old saw his career falter following the high point of 1992's multi-OSCAR...

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Costner Eyes Musical Departure

11th September 2003

Hollywood star KEVIN COSTNER is planning to adapt a story about Cuban rulers FULGENCIO BATISTA and FIDEL CASTRO - for a musical extravaganza. According to New York gossip columnist CINDY ADAMS, the OPEN RANGE...

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Jeepers Creepers Tops American Bo Office

2nd September 2003

JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 knocked rival horror sequel FREDDY VS JASON from the top spot at America's box office after a two-week reign. While Jeepers Creepers scooped $18.5 million (GBP11.5 million), Freddy vs Jason fell...

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Freddy Vs Jason Stays On Top In America

25th August 2003

Horror flick FREDDY VS JASON has stayed at the top of the American box office for the second week in a row - the first movie to do so since X-MEN 2 in May (03)....

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Freddy Vs Jason Tops American Box Office

18th August 2003

Horror flick FREDDY VS JASON enjoyed a killer weekend at the US box office, debuting with $36.4 million (GBP22.7 million). The respectable haul pulled in more than the combined total for the entire runs...

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Costner's Canine Tribute To Gran

7th August 2003

KEVIN COSTNER called his new movie dog TIG in OPEN RANGE as a tribute to his late grandmother. The movie star was so fond of his gran he also named his production company after...

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Costner Works Through The Pain

6th August 2003

KEVIN COSTNER was so determined to complete his western epic OPEN RANGE under budget and on time, he worked through a crippling case of appendicitis. The movie star, who directs and stars in the...

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Spielberg Heads West

30th July 2003

Movie mogul STEVEN SPIELBERG is saddling up to take charge of an epic western TV series. The JAWS director has signed on as executive producer for a 12-hour epic about the settlement of the...

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Costner Salutes The Troops

23rd July 2003

Actor KEVIN COSTNER showed American soldiers in Maryland his appreciation on Monday (21JUL03) - by treating them to a special screening of his new movie OPEN RANGE. The DANCES WITH WOLVES star, 48, and...

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