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Wild Bunch Tops Greatest Shoot-Outs Poll

Classic western THE WILD BUNCH contains the best shoot-out in movie history, according to a British film magazine poll. The ultra-violent finale of legendary...

Jeepers Creepers Tops American Bo Office

JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 knocked rival horror sequel FREDDY VS JASON from the top spot at America's box office after a two-week reign. While Jeepers...

Freddy Vs Jason Stays On Top In America

Horror flick FREDDY VS JASON has stayed at the top of the American box office for the second week in a row - the first...

Freddy Vs Jason Tops American Box Office

Horror flick FREDDY VS JASON enjoyed a killer weekend at the US box office, debuting with $36.4 million (GBP22.7 million). The respectable haul pulled...