Review of All Balloons Album by One Eskimo

Review of One Eskimo's album 'All Balloons' released through Little Polar Records.

One Eskimo All Balloons Album

The debut album from One Eskimo (Little Polar Records) boasts pockets of quality from the opener 'Hometime' to the closer 'Amazing'. Probably one of the first band's to include not only one Eskimo, but a monkey, a giraffe and a guitar playing penguin. confused? Well me too.

The songs possess simple, yet beautiful lyrics akin to William Fitzsimmons and the album production has the quality of a Tom McRae long player, yet the final product does not have any of the depressive overtones associated with both troubadours. One of the problems with the album is that it may either be described as a laid back offering suitable for the likes of a lazy afternoon on the beach with a cold beer or, as coffee table music which can pass you by before you know it.

The first single to be lifted from the long player 'Hometime' is a laid back affair which has dreamy backing vocals and some mellow horn playing. One slightly confusing point is to why this was chosen as the debut single and not 'Kandi'. The third track on the album opens with a hypnotic acoustic guitar line along with some subtle percussion and an inoffensive call and answer vocal lines which immediately drag you into the song.

Similarly 'Simpleday' opens up with a catchy guitar riff which is complimented by feel good vocals, the simple yet effective lyrics are shown on this one with "Don't show that you're a single man / and not a day goes by without a porno mag".

I have to say that my only negative point to the album is that towards the end of the long player you sometimes get angry from thinking that some scallywag has switched your new laidback One Eskimo album for a cheesy James Blunt placemat, particularly on track 'Chosen One'.

'UFO' offers a slightly darker atmospheric side to the band and the final track 'Amazing' whilst making me want to get out my James Blunt dartboard again has a conclusive feel and is a suitable choice for the last track.

All Balloons is released June 1st and debut single 'Hometime / Givin' Up' on May 25th, my suggestion is to skip the single and get the album or wait for 'Kandi'.

Rating: 6/10

Pablo Roffey