It's that time of year again; time to care. One Direction are one of the many acts engaging in charitable work as part of comic relief, because apparently we have to be enticed by celebrities to even think about charity. 

Harry Styles - the assumed leader of the One Direction pack, admitted, according to Mirror, "We all had moments. If you get involved in it and you don't cry you're superhuman." He was talking about their trip to a Ghanaian school. "We've seen appeal films before so we thought we knew what it's like. But when you're there and you get the smells, your eyes hurt from the smoke, you cough, you're feeling it all," he added. "The crazy thing is, when I went to school not one person wanted to be there. Yet you go into a school in Ghana and every child loves it. It's amazing to see. There are 10-year-old kids speaking better French than I can. It's crazy how quick you get -connections with children and people who live there. You feel upset leaving them and saying goodbye to them."

Unfortunately, once the One Direction boys have done 'their bit', they'll likely just go back to living their millionaire lifestyles until the next national 'quick, do something for someone else' day. Prove us wrong lads, go on.