The concept of 'celebrity perfumes' is one that hit the ground running about a decade ago, it seems that anyone whose name manages to make its way onto the front page of the Sun or Daily Mail feels the need to spread their very own special scent across the planet.

This time around it's One Direction who'll be wafting their odour around according to WNN. As a teenage boy band, they're aiming it specifically girls, and judging by the general age group of their fans it'll be sickly sweet and mildly floral. 

Apparently, the band have been working on it for about 6 months alongside Dana Kline, president of Olivann Beauty, the company with whom they'll be launching the scent. She revealed that it'll be released in autumn next year. 

In many ways it seems truly bizarre that a group of 5 teenage lads would make a perfume for girls, but there have been plenty of other stranger 'celebs' the unleash their brand unto the world via a group of esters. Donald Trump has his very own cologne, simply named 'Donald Trump The Frangrance', though we haven't smelled it we guess that moth balls and camphor are predominant odours.

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana also has a cologne, another self titled delight, plus X Factor's Cher Lloyd has a fragrance out there too. The strangest one of all, however, has to be The Pope. That's right guys, The Pope has his own perfume. You don't have to head to the Vatican to get it, to smell like the Pope just pop onto Amazon, available there for $25.95.