One Direction 's Liam Payne has played down reports that the group may soon be splitting up to go their separate ways. The boys profile has arguably never been higher following their first US number one in Spring, but alongside that the group are also developing their very separate personas, with Harry Styles in particular largely being regarded as the most popular of the band - certainly if the amount of ladies he's been spotted with over the past year means anything at any rate.
Their success has led US blogger Perez Hilton to speculate that they might soon be splitting up. However, MTV reports that Payne has spoken to Top Of The Pops magazine and commented "I think it would be massively, massively boring. I don't know how Justin Bieber does it, but full props to him." Continuing, he added "I like being around the boys. I enjoy other people's company and it's a lot more fun being in a band on stage."
It would be foolish for the boys to split up right now, with a yardstick of their success being the fact that they're being invited back to 'X Factor' - this time as mentors. It's been widely reported today that the lads will be assisting during the Australian edition of the hugely popular reality show.