The One Direction boys will reveal themselves in their upcoming documentary “This Is Us”, in more ways than one.

“[There are] more shirtless moments than you can imagine. Now how many of those make it into the final film we’ll have to wait and see,” said the film’s director Morgan Spurlock as part of a live chat on Twitter when fans were invited to ask him questions using the hashtag #AskMorgan1D3D.

He’s certainly aware of what 1D fans really want. If you’re wondering why Spurlock’s name sounds familiar, the director also created and starred in the hit 2004 documentary Supersize Me, where he ate nothing but fast food for an entire month as part of an experiment. During the Twitter chat, he mentioned that the 1D boys loved taunting him by eating fast food on set. Though we wonder if their Big Macs really seemed all that appealing after 30 days on the stuff. Anyway, soon none of them are going to be enjoying much fast food. Spurlock explained that the guys are banned from eating any fast food. “On the new tour they have a trainer who’s keeping them off the Big Macs.”

One Direction, LG Arena Birmingham
1D's touring schedule keeps them pretty busy and the poor guys can't even unwind with a takeaway. 

Guess that’s karma for you. As for the documentary, Spurlock promises an emotion-packed movie, revealing a lot of the band members’ private moments. We wonder though, with Twitter, Instagram, pap shots and all kinds of social media platforms, how many of those do the 1D boys really have left?