The One Direction boys may be about to top off their biggest year by signing a contract with MTV to star in their very own fly on the wall series, and if that wasn't enough then how does the prospect of having Justin Bieber appearing in the show sound!

According to the Daily Star Sunday, a source close to the boys has revealed that the band are in advanced talks with network executives to film their own documentary series, following the ins and outs of the biggest boy band in the world. The source went on to add that one of the boy's close friends, Justin Bieber, is trying to be roped into appearing in the first episode, and maybe even more after that, telling the paper, “having Justin Bieber in the first episode would guarantee millions of viewers."

The source went on to add, “nothing is confirmed but the boys are keen to do it and so are MTV. Watch this space” so as of now nothing is for certain, yet with such a huge fan base already and the potential to spin even more money into the seemingly bottomless pit they have already amassed, then why wouldn't MTV be interested in a documentary series.

As the source so rightly put it, watch this space.