One Direction have got themselves in a spot of parental trouble. It’s not their own parents that are upset with their behaviour, though, but the parents of their fans. According to MailOnline, One Direction were forced to remove a tweet suggesting their fans should tweet them photos of their 1D tattoos, with a view to including the images in their forthcoming documentary, being made by the Super Size Me documentary maker Morgan Spurlock.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles: he might look angelic under that suit but he's hiding a growing number of tattoos, you know...

It may have seemed like a harmless request from the boys, who are getting increasingly more inked by the day, themselves. Some parents of 1D fans were worried that it might spur their kids on to go and get themselves a 1D tat, just to be part of the image campaign and they were quick off the mark when it came to asking the band to retract the tweet. Realising that they’d potentially have even angrier mums and dads on their hands if they didn’t retract the tweet, the offending request was removed. Presumably, several thousands of their fans will have already seen the tweet by tat point, of course. A vaguely spurious apology was offered by the band’s spokesman, saying that the tweet had been posted “in error.” He added “One Direction do not want to encourage any of their fans to get 1D tattoos.” 

One Direction

One Direction: the band were forced to delete a tweet after angering their fans' parents

Harry Styles, one of the band’s members doesn’t seem to be able to stop getting himself tattooed. He recently had a giant butterfly inked on his torso, after getting a ship on his arm just recently. All very worrying stuff for the parents of his young, impressionable fans, of course.