One Direction are expanding their global brand even further as they are set to release a second fragrance.

The young Brits are usually viewed as squeaky-clean stars but the new commercial for the perfume will give fans a chance to see a different side to them.

The five-piece are set to star in an action-packed commercial that will show the boys star in a 'Mission Impossible' style promo video, as if they were highly trained secret agents, according to The Mirror.

"The premise is that the boys are stealing the bottles of perfume from a vault," a source told the newspaper. "So they're going to be dangling from the ceiling on wires with huge explosions going off around them."

But not to worry, although they may seem like they are participating in extremely dangerous stunts, the boys are in great hands.

"Every care is being taken to ensure the boys stay safe," the source added. "There are specialists on hand to deal with the rigging and pyrotechnics, and stunt crash mats have been ordered."

"Producers have also hired stuntmen in case they're needed to tackle some of the more dangerous bits. Nothing is being left to chance," the insider continued.

However if there is any risk, the band will be more than happy to take it as their last fragrance 'Our Moment,' which was released last year, reportedly earned each singer £2 million each.

The newspaper also notes that if one of the boys happened to suffer an injury there would be too much liability, a One Direction are heading on a world tour at the beginning of next month.

At the present time each member of the boy band are worth £15 million.

One Direction
One Direction will be bringing out their second fragrance