It would be an understatement to say that Melbourne film production company Oh Yeah Wow are a bit annoyed about One Direction’s latest music video for their single “You & I”. The production company have openly accused One Direction, and video producer Ben Winston, of plagiarising a concept allegedly created by them and used in a video for Melbourne band Clubfeet.

One Direction Clevedon PierOne Direction filmed the video for "You & I" on Clevedon Pier

Oh Yeah Wow, who have also worked with Gotye, have taken to social media site Twitter to express their irritation with One Direction and Winston. They claim that a shot which comes at around the 2:45 minute mark in the “You & I” video, which sees the boys walk into stills of themselves, which they are then joined to and which burst to life, was an idea they have painstakingly devised.

The special effect features a frozen image, which then continues moving and we've gotta say…they’ve got a point. The similarities between the Clubfeet video for their single “Everything You Wanted” and One Direction’s “You & I” can hardly be ignored. The Clubfeet video even landed a Triple J award in 2013 for Australian Music Video of the Year, so it wasn’t exactly a barely watched little indie production, which it could be argued Ben Winston had potentially not seen.

Oh Yeah Wow continued their rampage on Facebook, posting “those money machines One Direction…have decided to rip off our music video for Clubfeet. We here at Oh Yeah Wow have become somewhat fed up with plagiarism and as such, have decided to write about it.” They continued tweeting members of the band, responding to one of Niall Horan’s tweets regarding the “You & I” video saying, “going to be honest mate - it blatantly plagiarises the technique we developed and won a j aware for #badmove.”

One Direction You & IOh Yeah Wow have accused One Direction of plagiarism in their latest music video

Since Oh Yeah Wow’s accusations, the Clubfeet video has received 35,000 more views, although they haven’t appeased Oh Yeah Wow’s Seamus Spilsbury, who commented that “Extra views are just a bonus.” One Direction and Ben Wilson don’t seem too concerned quite yet, its unclear about whether they have responded to the plagiarism accusations just yet. It doesn’t seem like Oh Yeah Wow will be giving up too easily though, those guys seem pretty p*ssed.  All we're saying is...we wouldn't want to mess with 1D fans.  Let's see how this one plays out, we predict war.    

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