As lightning cracked the sky of Britain today and a Royal Baby's first cries were heard, another gift was bestowed upon Earth by the gods, as the nation's finest exports deigned to gift their scores of worshippers with an astonishing audio/visual experience. For it could only be; One Direction have released the music video to their latest song 'Best Song Ever' and what a true delight to behold it is.

The Supreme Beings Gaze Forth From Their Lofty Pedestal.

If you love pop stars pretending to be other people then you'll simply exalt at the new offering from the organic talent that is our plucky '1D' boys. The video shows our heroes - Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall of course - not only as themselves as the band enter the office of two overzealous, moneyed film producers but as random assistants who offer their skills to the band's new project.

À la Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, the hot-headed film guys in their swanky office are keen to make it all happen for the English newcomers. But wait...these bearded, paunchy movie men are in fact Niall and Louis and their sexy brunette assistant is none other than Zayn. Woah, mind blown!

Harry Styles
Styles: Receiving Messages From Above.

Harry appears 'disguised' as a dance-loving nerd complete with lateral lisp and taped glasses, Liam sashays in as a "purrrfect" bleach-haired, tracksuited gym instructor, 'Leroy' to persuade the resistant boygroup to try out some novel stylings.

The song kicks in an the real guys begin to trash the office with a classic 1D jump-around chorus, complete with 'oh's and 'yeah's, in admirable anti-media machine rebellion. The vid's a true cinematographic accomplishment, running over six minutes and clearly employing a sizeable budget as our 1D boys perform a nifty stepping from side-to-side dance routine that will be infectiously spreading through global clubs.

Zayn Malik
Zayn! I'm Over Here Zayn!

The 'Best Song Ever' video was created as a taster to promote the popster's forthcoming biopic, This Is Us and was written by a multi-platinum songwriter who's also written for fellow global 'giant', Olly Murs. As the video reaches it climactic finale, the cheeky scamps unveil a poster of themselves and graffiti "This Is Us" in case there are any more imposters waiting in the wigs.

Experience The Planet-Conquering Phenomenon For Yourself:

One Direction wreaking chaos! What next? Only question is: if this is their 'Best Song Ever', where do they go from here?