One Direction fans responsible for listening to the band's music on Spotify and hitting the 100 million streams mark are set to be rewarded with a new interactive app.

In celebration of reaching the 100M mark and, of course, the releasing of their second album 'Take Me Home', Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn have introduced 1D Music - a Spotify app which allows fans to share music with other fans and the band itself. On the app, you will be able to listen to all 1D tracks including from the new album and create and share playlists for 1D to select for their 'Fan Hall of Fame'. You will also be able to listen to playlists created by the group based on different themes and occasions such as 'Harry's House', 'Romance' and 'Practice Tracks for the X Factor'. 'Make sure you check out our new app on Spotify', One Direction announced. 'As well as our new album you can check out what we've been listening to over the last couple of years and the music we're listening to right now!'

The Director of Label Relations for Spotify Will Hope has expressed his excitement for the new app too. 'One Direction are one of the biggest bands in the world today, with a huge and dedicated fan base, so it's no surprise that they have smashed the 100 million streams barrier on Spotify', he said. 'This new app gives the band the chance to show their fans the music that inspires them.'