One Direction are launching their own make-up range.

The boy band have teamed up with high street brand MUA to release a cosmetics line targeted at their teenage fans called 'Little Things'.

The heartthrobs got in touch with their feminine side to create a purse-friendly collection of lipsticks, lip gloss, cheek tints and nail polish.

The Lip Polish products - at £2.50 a pop - come in a different colour and flavour for every band member and are available in Harry loves Strawberry, Zayn loves Watermelon, Louis loves Vanilla, Niall loves Cherry and Liam loves Blueberry.

Meanwhile, the 'Kiss You' Lipstick range is named after their songs, with shades including 'Be Mine', 'Moments', 'I Wish', 'Rock Me' and 'I Want'.

Last but not least, the boys have each put their face to a different shade of nail polish, with Harry Styles rocking hot pink and Zayn Malik favouring emerald green.

While the band famously belted out the lyrics, ''Don't need make-up/ To cover up/ Being the way that you are is enough'', in hit single 'What Makes You Beautiful', fans don't appear to mind the contradictory nature of the cosmetics deal.

They were quick to comment on MUA's official website, gushing, ''I just screamed a little bit'' and making jokes like, ''Harry Styles' colour should be called ''Cougar Crimson''.''

Nevertheless, a few 1D fans appeared sceptical about the idea of a boy band cashing in on a make-up range.

One wrote: ''I'm a fan of 1D but when I first heard about this I was like 'eurgh, typical' but these actually seem quite cute! Can't wait! :)''