One Direction's favourite pre-show tipple is fruit juice.

The boy band prefer to guzzle cartons of natural, energy-boosting drinks rather than alcohol before taking to the stage, and their biggest rider extravagance is having a constant supply of juice and Yorkshire tea backstage.

Sarah Nicholas, the band's chef, told The Daily Star newspaper: ''We don't supply any alcohol. But Yorkshire teabags are a must. Louis [Tomlinson] is the main tea-drinker - he's from Doncaster so he loves Yorkshire tea the most.

''They also drink more juices and water than fizzy drinks. Before they go on stage, they tend to have orange or apple juice, Capri-Suns or Rubicon.''

The 'Kiss You' singers are also anti-rock 'n' roll in terms of their eating habits, preferring hearty staples like sausage and mash to exotic haute cuisine and swanky Michelin star restaurants.

Sarah - who is cooking for the boys and their 100-strong crew during their 10-month world tour - explained: ''Liam [Payne] likes his bacon, steak and vegetables, while Louis eats anything - but a bowl of Special K is his favourite.

''Zayn [Malik] is very easy to please. He just likes a pasta with Bolognese or spicy chicken. He is not a foodie and eats whatever's going.

''Niall [Horan] likes more simple food, like sausage and mash, pies, creamy chicken pasta or chicken Kiev.''

The boys are creatures of habit and like to eat their tea at the sensible time of 5.30pm, on a table laid out with the same blue and white spotted tablecloth and napkins in a bid to make them feel at home in every city.

Sarah is on a mission to get the young stars to eat more healthily since they all have a sweet tooth and insist on travelling with a suitcase packed with their British favourites, including Ambrosia custard.

She said: ''We always make sure we've got vegetables and there is always a juicer out... They have a choice of healthy food instead of just grabbing KFC.

''They are very aware of what to eat and a trainer helps them out.''