One Direction promised one big announcement and boy have they delivered, with a new tour and a new album on the way, as well as, um, a new hashtag for all their fans to use and a new website which promptly crashed over the euphoria surrounding it. So what do you need to know about what they’ve announced?


This is probably the biggest news, because 1D are always on the road in some capacity or other. But this is the first record since 2012’s Take Me Home….that is a long time in pop world, honest. According to the Telegraph, the boys said in their press conference that they held to announce all these things that the album would take on a rockier and edgier slant to their previous two records. Which sounds, well... terrifying? It’s got us thinking of that Take That Nirvana cover from the 90’s. That album is out this year at some point.


Something a bit more concrete: the lads are back on tour! Well next year. They’re already on their second world headline tour at the moment but they’ll be back in 2014, kicking things off in Colombia in the spring and progressing around the world until they end up back in jolly old Blighty come May time. You can catch all the dates on their…


The lads set up a special website just for this press conference and announcement … which promptly crashed. was overwhelmed by visitors as the lads got ready to announce their plans.


With four of the five group members having a whopping 10 million plus followers each, it was no surprise that their hashtag for the announcement #1Dbigannouncement quickly became a trending topic. Another crazy bit of knowledge for you too… Harry Styles tweeted about the world tour and it was re-tweeted 45,000 times. Ridiculous.

One Direction
One Direction are back! Had they ever been away?