By now Directioners the world over – and maybe even people outside the fan bubble - have seen 1D’s video for Best Song Ever. And ok, despite ourselves, we have to admit that the video is... gulp… funny. But it might have actually been topped by the behind-the-scenes footage that the band released yesterday (July 30) on their Vevo page. Check out the video below – you won’t regret it (too much).

The 3-minute-long clip shows the band in hair and makeup for the shoot, which this time is a lot less glamorous than you’d expect hair and makeup to be. Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn each get transformed into a, shall we say, less-than-flattering character, with Harry being the Marketing Guy, Niall and Louis as fat cat studio execs, Zayn as the “hot” secretary and Liam as… we’re not entirely sure what Liam is supposed to be.

One Direction, LG Arena - Birmingham
The band don't look quite as youthful in their new video.

Musical credentials and maniacal fanbase aside, it is a cute video. Even non-directioners could get a kick out of this one. And the behind-the-scenes footage is even more hilarious, while omitting the song (mostly) for those who really don’t want their ears assaulted by the boyband’s music. If that’s the case, however, there would be quite a few people willing to disagree – in the week since its release, the video has already amassed close to 45 million views on youtube. Even accounting for hate watchers, that’s still a lot of people. The song will also be featured in 1D’s upcoming movie One Direction: This Is Us.