Women should know by now, if you're going to make headlines for allegedly dating One Direction star Harry Styles you're going to have to be prepared for an absolute shoeing over Twitter and beyond from devout fans of both the band and the 18 year-old. Caroline Flack received death threats when the 32 year-old TV presenter dared to date the 17 year-old, whilst it was widely reported back in April that his then-squeeze, model Emma Ostilly from New Zealand, de-activated her Twitter account after a slew of angry messages from fans outraged that news of their relationship had leaked.
Now the UK's Sun newspaper reports that it's been the turn of radio presenter Lucy Horobin, 32, to face the wrath of Styles' fans, after it was alleged that she had an affair with Styles last summer despite being married. A source told the newspaper "Lucy was having a few difficulties in her marriage and it just happened. She knows people will hate her for doing it, particularly with a young lad who is so high profile, but life is not always black and white."
It is for Styles legions of followers though, who turned on Horobin viciously, with a series of nasty remarks.