One Direction has created fandom almost unrivalled by any artist other than Justin Bieber. A virulent flurry of teenage female obsessers who send hate mail to the girlfriends of said singers. That's probably why #haylorisbullshit ('Haylor' being a compound word formed by Harry and Taylor) is trending at the moment on Twitter. Fans are simply refusing to believe the validity of their relationship. Perhaps out of jealousy, resentment and spite, but also largely due to Taylor's sprawling dating history. 

The pair were rumoured to be dating earlier this year, before Taylor then began dating Connor Kennedy. Over the weekend they were spotted together in Central Park Zoo, New York, the Sun reports, ahead of Harry and One Direction's biggest gig to date- performing at Madison Square Garden. Apparently, they wandered around looking at the animals before meeting Harry's stylist and her fiancée and baby. One tweeter expressed her disdain on this point, saying "I like to take "romantic" park strolls with my hair dresser, too#HaylorIsBullshit". 

A lot of people are remarking on their 'loss of respect' for the young Country singer:

"Taylor needs to stop dating every single guy in Hollywood. I loved her music and all but now she lost all my respect. -.- #Haylorisbullshit".

While some tweeters got a little scarier:

"Taylor Swift you [...] slut be prepared to die. #haylorisbullshit" Don't worry Taylor, we'll protect you.

Others were a little more realistic about the whole thing:

"Harry has to have a girlfriend at some point!! But I still believe that #HaylorIsBullshit".

Such is young love, eh? Full of heartbreak and controversy. Well, if it's anything like Taylor's previous romances, Harry fans have nothing to worry about.