British Boyband One Direction may be about to be handed their biggest challenge to date, as they have apparently been dealt a 'booze and sex ban' as record company executives try to keep one of their most profitable assets in a positive light.

The UK group has won legions of fans the world over for their squeaky clean image, but with their private antics not so private and their partying and womanising ways coming under scrutiny by some, the powers that be at Syco and Columbia Records have asked the boys to tone it down. One insider close with the band and their management has spoken to The Sunday Daily Star to reveal that Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall have all been warned that they need to monitor their behaviour, saying, "they've been placed under strict instructions by management not to do anything to harm their squeaky-clean image."

However the partying antics are just the tip of the iceberg, as it appears that the band maybe imploding from the repercussions that fame has brought them. Although the party attitude is considered a group problem, it is Niall's drinking and constant party animal attitude that is allegedly drawing him the most criticism from label bosses. Meanwhile, Zayn is supposedly shutting himself away as he continues to struggle with the strains of being in the public spotlight, whilst the rumours that Louis is gay have also caused concern for execs.

Whether or not the band are set to disband is highly unlikely given that their new album is due out soon and their fan base is growing every minute, but the cracks do seem to be emerging.