A phenomena like FiftyShades Of Grey was always likely to have a cultural backlash, inspiring many people (ok, mostly women) both in and outside of the bedroom with its raunchy story and easy to make fun of title. One area where the book is having a rather unexpected influence may surprise some people, and that is that the popular book series is influencing many new parents into naming their children after the book and it's characters.

Yes, really, people are naming their children after a piece of erotic fiction. According to a recent survey compiled by the website BabyCenter, this year has seen a boom in the popularity of the name Grey (we didn't know it was a name either) up by nearly 20 percent. Meanwhile the book's leading lady Anastasia rose by 10 percent and the abbreviated Ana climbed 35 spots. However the survey did show that women are now less likely to use the name Christian, after the male lead in the book, due to a mixture of his portrayal as a poor role model and also the fact that many of the women surveyed said they found him attractive.

Other trends this year have also marked an improved popularity in baby naming trends, with the Olympics said to been influential in deciding baby names this year too. And speaking of the Olympics, one of this year's closing ceremony acts have also influenced people in their baby naming process, with the the boys from One Direction seeing their names soar in popularity.