Norwich quartet Olympians are here with a video for their beautiful upcoming new single 'Filling My Heart With Weird Dreams' which is due for release on April 2nd 2013. Later, they'll be debuting their brand new EP 'Adventure Gun' on April 29th through Barely Regal Records

The video starts off focusing on one instrumentalist, the keyboardist, before introducing more members of the band as the camera pans across a minimally furnished room. Every time it pans across, another musician is added, until there are approximately ten band members playing along to the song - though, it's impossible to tell as the video introduces a blurred effect giving it the impression of many more arrivals. It almost personifies the building crescendo of this otherwise hauntingly monotonous tune with its layered instrumentals and melancholy vocal harmonies.

The multi-instrumentalist band; who are usually just Daniel Harvey (vocals/ guitar/ synth), Benjamin Thompson (vocals/ guitar/ synth/ trumpet), Christopher Neil (vocals/ bass) and Michael Parkin (vocals/ drums/ glock); have previously toured supporting the likes of The Invisible and Tubelord, as well as playing at Dorset's End of the Road Festival in 2012, and they are set to carry on improving their fan base with further dates around the UK including Brighton's Great Escape Festival.

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