In possibly the most stupid thing said by anyone ever, Olly Murs has said that he’d take a bullet for Simon Cowell. The singer was talking about Cowell’s egging nightmare.

“I was in Spain doing a gig and heard about this egg thing on Britain’s Got Talent. I would have taken an egg for Simon for sure. I would have taken a bullet.” Sorry what? You’d take a bullet for HIM? We know you have to suspend intellect – or never have had it – to sing the songs that Murs does, but come on. A bullet? He has to be joking. We’re sure he’s joking. Keen to get off the subject of taking bullets for Cowell – probably because he’s more likely to get shot than any other celebrity – Murs started talking about his Xtra Factor replacement, Matt Richardson. “It’s a massive job for an unknown. I was lucky as I came from The X Factor and people knew who I was,’ he explained. “I think for Matt, he’s fresh, he’s new and he can do anything he wants really. He can just be himself. It’s going to be completely different to me and Caroline – the chemistry we had and the flirtiness, but he seems like a really cool dude and I wish him all the best.”

“Caroline will look after him but I definitely need to speak to him and give him a few pointers on what Caroline is like,” Murs added to MTV News. Murs was the runner up in the 2009 series of X-Factor, and forged a strong relationship with Cowell and fellow popstar, Robbie Williams during his time on the show.

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