Olly Murs has not seen his twin brother since the singer chose The X Factor over his sibling's wedding.

The British star believes his brother may have scheduled his nuptials to mess with him as he was fighting to win the U.K. talent show back in 2009.

He tells the Radio Times, "My brother knew how much I wanted to change my life. He knew this was my big dream. But all he could think about was himself. All he could think was, 'This is my wedding, why aren't you coming?'

"His wedding was his excuse for not having me in his life any more. He got into a relationship with his now wife, and I don't think she ever liked us as a family.

"For 25 years of my life, I always came first in his life and he always came first in mine. I loved my brother to bits. Anything he needed or he wanted I'd do for him. But at that point in my life I was like, as much as I love him, I have to do this for myself, I have to change my life. I never expected him to react the way he did."

However, Troublemaker singer Murs hopes the upcoming holiday season will make his brother rethink the choices he has made since becoming a married man: "His reaction was to block us all out of his life. He's living a new life with his new family. He doesn't want anything to do with us. He doesn't want to know us.

"I would love my mum to have her son back. She gave birth to both of us and she now only has one son. She'd be over the moon if my brother rang her and had a conversation with her and went for a coffee. It would change her life."