Olly Murs' mother sells his clothes on eBay.

The 'Dear Darlin' hitmaker has explained he helps his mum to make some extra cash by letting her put his old garments up for sale.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''It's a little like Tesco's: the out-of-date stuff goes, and all the fresh stuff comes in.

''I put a lot of it into charity bins, but some of my old clothes I give to my mum, and she sells them on eBay.''

While the 29-year-old singer admitted his mother might be embarrassed at him revealing their secret, he insisted she posts the items anonymously to avoid making money off her son's name.

He added: ''She'll probably kill me for saying that, but it's what eBay is about, right?

''She doesn't advertise it, though, as 'Previously owned by Olly Murs'! She wouldn't do that.''

Although it's not clear if Olly would carry on the tradition with his own children, he recently admitted he is getting ''broody'' and would love to have kids of his own after meeting Robbie William's daughter Theodore 'Teddy' Rose when the pair toured together.

He previously said: ''Little Teddy is such a little bundle of joy. To see her little face around the place is brilliant and Robbie is so happy. He has a big smile on his face every day.

''I'm definitely broody but then I'm always broody. I'm probably the most sensitive man. I want to have lots of children, eventually.''