Olly Murs didn't employ female dancers on his tour for fear of upsetting his girlfriend.

The 30-year-old singer doesn't think his lover Francesca Thomas - who he has been dating for two years - would've enjoyed the prospect of him strutting his stuff on-stage with a bevy of flexible beauties so he banned them from his 'Never Been Better' tour.

He said: ''We didn't have any dancers on the tour. She wouldn't have been happy with that!''

While he doesn't have to worry about his body being compared to stunning female dancers on his tour - which kicked off on Tuesday (31.03.15) - the 'Wrapped Up' hitmaker was still keen to pile off the pounds to look good for his fans, so he embarked on a diet recommended to him by his TV presenter pal Caroline Flack.

He said: ''I eat massive portions and I wanted to control it so I could lose a bit of weight.

''I'm doing the Soulmate food delivery diet. I heard about it through Caroline, actually.

''I think the missus was a little bit worried I was losing this weight. She's been stuffing me up for the last two years! But I've got to look good for the ladies.''

However, the star's tour is also tinged with emotion as his grandmother died three weeks ago and every time he performs his 2012 hit 'Dear Darlin' he thinks of her.

He added to The Sun newspaper: ''My nan passed away three weeks ago. I was in America.

''She was my dad's mum, so obviously it's really sad for us as a family. When I sing 'Dear Darlin' it just makes me think of people I've had in my life.''