Double BRIT Award nominee Olly Murs was forced to abandon his chauffeur-driven car in central London and race to the ceremony via tube train due to heavy traffic in the British capital.

The singer flew into a panic when his car became stuck in heavy traffic on the way to the O2 Arena, and he faced a race against time to make it to the venue.

Arriving at the BRIT Awards a little flustered, Murs says, "It's been a bit of a rush tonight... I got the tube... I was stuck in traffic. We couldn't get here. We were in a car and (we were not moving) and I had to get out. We got out at London Bridge (tube station) and just ran in at, like, 100 miles per hour.

"We got to the ticket machine and there was this long queue, so I had to quickly get a ticket and we legged it (ran)... I was going down the escalators (so quickly) I was like, 'Oh no, I'm gonna fall...' But I was alright. We got there in the end."