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BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

Olly Alexander - BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards at SSE Wembley Arena, London at SSE Wembley Arena, Wembley Arena - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 8th November 2015

Olly Alexander
Olly Alexander

Radio 1 Teen Awards 2015 - Arrivals

Olly Alexander, Years , Years - Radio 1 Teen Awards 2015 held at Wembley Arena - Arrivals at Wembley Arena - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 8th November 2015

Olly Alexander and Years
Olly Alexander and Years

Teen Choice Awards

Olly Alexander - BBC Radio 1 Teen Choice Awards Wembley Arena London at Teen Choice Awards, Wembley Arena - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 8th November 2015

Olly Alexander
Olly Alexander
Olly Alexander
Olly Alexander

KISS FM Haunted House Party - Performances

Olly Alexander, Years , Years - KISS FM Haunted House Party held at The SSE Arena, Wembley - Performances at The SSE Arena London - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 29th October 2015

Olly Alexander and Years

Kiss FM's Haunted House Party - Red Carpet Arrivals

Olly Alexander - Kiss FM's Haunted House Party at SSE Wembley Arena - Red Carpet Arrivals at SSE Wembley Arena, Wembley Arena - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 29th October 2015

Olly Alexander

Years And Years Land BBC Sound Of 2015 Top Spot

Years & Years Olly Alexander James Bay George The Poet

Years & Years have topped the BBC Sound Of 2015 list, after making an impact over the course of 2014 supporting the winner of last year's poll Sam Smith on tour and breaking through with singles 'Take Shelter' and 'Desire'.

Years & Years are the BBC's Sound Of 2015
Years & Years are the BBC's Sound Of 2015

The London trio have beaten the likes of James Bay, Stormzy, Raury and George The Poet to the top spot as this year's most exciting act as they prepare to unveil yet another single this Spring. The band; who are Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Turkmen; formed in 2010 and made their breakthrough in 2012 with single 'I Wish I Knew'. Fast-forward to 2014 and they were quickly becoming one of the UK's top synthpop bands of the day, having appeared on The Magician's hit single 'Sunlight' and touring across the country with Sam Smith and Clean Bandit.

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The Riot Club Review


Solid acting and adept filmmaking help make up for the fact that this film asks us to spend a couple of hours in the presence of a group of truly despicable characters. They're played by some of the brightest (and most beautiful) rising stars in the movies at the moment, but each one of these young men is vile to the core. So the fact that these are supposed to be Britain's brightest and best hope for the future makes the film pretty terrifying.

It's set at Oxford University, where the elite Riot Club (including Douglas Booth, Sam Reid, Freddie Fox, Matthew Beard, Ben Schnetzer and Olly Alexander) are on the lookout for wealthy white students to complete their 10-man membership. They find suitable candidates in new arrivals: the sneering Alistair (Sam Claflin) and conflicted Miles (Max Irons), whose one drawback is that he's seeing a common girl (Holliday Grainger). After the rigorous initiation process, Alistair and Miles are welcomed to the hedonistic gang at a lavish dinner in the private room of a country pub. But things turn nasty as they drunkenly hurl abuse at the pub manager (Gordon Brown), his daughter (Jessica Brown Findlay) and a high-class hooker (Natalie Dormer) they hire for the night.

Based on the play Posh by screenwriter Laura Wade, the film is centred around this increasingly chaotic dinner party. Although nothing that happens is particularly surprising, because these young men are such relentlessly bigoted, misogynist snobs that it's impossible to believe they belong anywhere other than prison. They certainly don't deserve their self-appointed status as the top students at Oxford, who are getting debauchery out of their systems before taking the lead in British politics and business. But then, that's precisely Wade's point, and she makes it loudly. Thankfully, director Lone Scherfig balances things by offering glimpses into these young men's dark souls while skilfully capturing the old-world subculture and a strong sense of irony.

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God Help The Girl Review


With bouncy pop tunes and a breezy tone, this Scottish musical sometimes feels so weightless that it seems to float right out of existence. At other times it's startlingly dark and moving, touching on earthy emotions and important themes. The tonal shifts may be rather jarring, but the film as a whole is a joy to watch, especially as it makes some pointed comments on both mental illness and nature of artistic creation.

Set in Glasgow, the story centres on Eve (Emily Browning), who is so obsessed with composing music that she's being treated in a mental hospital. After she escapes she meets James (Olly Alexander), a young singer-guitarist who is a bit unnerved when she follows him home, worms her way into his life and spurs him to start a band with music student Cassie (Hannah Murray). James falls for Eve, but she's clearly only interested in being friends, especially since she has a crush on cool bad-boy Anton (Pierre Boulanger), the lead singer of a rival band. And even Cassie seems out of reach, since she flirts with every man she meets. But neither James nor Cassie knows the truth about Eve's mental state.

Writer-director Stuart Murdoch is the lead singer of the Glasgow band Belle and Sebastian, and the film is peppered with songs written for their album but sung live on-camera by the cast members. As a filmmaker, Murdoch has a remarkably light touch, as well as a gift for weaving the music right into the fabric of the movie. This is certainly not the usual rom-com: the characters have unsuspected depth that's beautifully tapped by the sharp young cast members. The bravely immersive Browning and charming Alexander are a terrific double-act, with very different musical styles that gel together cleverly - think Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran. And the addition of Murray's lively Cassie to the equation adds a superb dynamic.

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Belle And Sebastian Musician's Side-Project 'God Help The Girl' Is Translated To Film [Trailer]

Emily Browning Belle And Sebastian God Help The Girl Hannah Murray Olly Alexander Years & Years

Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian presents his directorial debut with music drama 'God Help The Girl', starring 'Pompeii' star Emily Browning as an emotionally complicated budding young singer-songwriter.

Olly Alexander, Emily Browning & Hannah Murray in God Help The GirlOlly Alexander & Hannah Murray both appeared in the hit series Skins

The film shares its name with Murdoch's current side-project, whose well-received self-titled album was unveiled back in 2009. After five years we're glad that the project has finally resurfaced - and especially in the form of a film. The movie stars Emily Browning as Eve, a girl who finds solace in songwriting while struggling to come to terms with some emotional issues for which she is being treated in hospital. She meets city musicians Cass (played by Game Of Thrones actress Hannah Murray) and James (Olly Alexander Years & Years frontman) and together they form a pop band, with Eve setting out on a journey of success, love and friendship.

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God Help The Girl Trailer

Eve is a young woman living in Glasgow, Scotland struggling to cope with huge emotional stress and various personal problems in her life. She is in hospital to combat her mental anxieties, but finds that the only real treatment for her is songwriting. She finds solace in song but begins to realise that she'll never get anywhere with her dream without a backing band, and thus meets cityside musicians James and Cassie who are also looking to embark on their own musical passions. Do this newfound pop group have fame and fortune awaiting them at the end of the summer? And will Eve finally manage to learn to cope with her emotional problems?

Romance drama 'God Help The Girl' is the debut film project of writer and director Stuart Murdoch, the leader singer of Glasgow indie band Belle & Sebastian. The movie is linked in with his side-project of the same name and has been co-produced by double Oscar nominee Barry Mendel ('The Royal Tenenbaums', 'Rushmore', 'The Sixth Sense'). It won an Honors award at Newport Beach Film Festival and a Special Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival and is scheduled to be released in the UK on August 22nd 2014.

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The Riot Club Trailer

The Riot Club is an elite group of ten Oxford University students; the very best who are almost definitely going to go on to have successful futures. It's hundreds of years old and is notorious for their ritual drunken debauchery, lawlessness and often violent behaviour during their exclusive dinner parties each term. Their current president persuades a pub landlord and his daughter to let the club hire out the venue for the night, as long as he keeps things under control. However, it soon becomes clear that none of these young men are up for a quiet night when one of them hires a prostitute to 'entertain' them. She manages to make a quick escape when she realises what she's let herself in for though, and most of the club decide to take their frustrations out on the landlord and his daughter. Tragically, things get out of hand when one of the men seriously injures the landlord, causing the rest of them to panic. But with reputations at stake, who's going to blamed for it?

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Le Week-end Review


Like a 20-years-later sequel to Before Midnight, this sharply observant comedy-drama follows a couple through a soul-searching weekend in which they evaluate their relationship with real wit and emotion. And transparent performances make it something to savour, as it offers us a rare grown-up movie about real issues we can identify with.

As the title suggests, the weekend in question takes place in France, and it's a 30th anniversary treat for Nick and Meg (Broadbent and Duncan). They can't really afford a trip to Paris, especially after ditching their dodgy pre-booked hotel in lieu of something far nicer, but they figure out ways to make their time special. Meanwhile, they talk about their years together, and the hopes and regrets that are haunting their thoughts. There are some hard questions to ask about their future, even as they haven't lost that spark of sexuality. Then they run into Nick's old Cambridge pal Morgan (Goldblum), who invites them to a party where they meet academics and artists just like them. Which only makes them think even more.

The key issues for them include Nick's early retirement (for an ill-timed comment to a student) and Meg's desire to change her life completely. As they consider the options, their conversations drive the film forward forcefully, flowing through cycles of flirtation and laughter to bitterness and cruelty. The depth of their love is never in doubt, even as they wonder how secure their relationship actually is. Broadbent and Duncan play these scenes effortlessly, taking our breath away because it's all so honest, often both funny and scary at the same time.

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Le Week-End Trailer

Meg and Nick are a seemingly devoted couple who venture to the romantic city of Paris on their thirtieth wedding anniversary in the hope of rekindling old feelings from their honeymoon. They may claim to love each other, but things are far from perfect in their relationship as their routine lifestyles have caused a dramatic rift between them without them even noticing. Their weekend is tainted by frequent arguments, though always warmed by frequent displays of affection and childish exploits. However, when they bump into old American friend who invites them for dinner at his Parisian apartment, they start to feel depressed that their lives are several shades less colourful than his with his gorgeous pregnant wife, success in the city and an impressive book deal. Will this long-devoted couple find peace within themselves to be content with one another? Or will Paris cause them to finally drift apart?

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Great Expectations Trailer

Pip is a young orphan who has a chance meeting with a frightening stranger while visiting the graves of his parents; a meeting which was to be the catalyst a series of events that would shape his future. Not long after this experience, an unhinged, jilted spinster called Miss Havisham asks Uncle Pumblechook (the uncle of Pip's brother-in-law with whom he lives) to find a young boy to provide company for her adopted daughter Estella. When Pip is chosen, he becomes a regular visitor of Miss Havisham who manipulates him into falling for the pretty but cold-hearted Estella as he grows older. When he becomes a blacksmith's apprentice at his brother-in-law's shop, he is approached by a lawyer who informs him that he has been left a large sum of money by a mysterious benefactor and must journey to London to become a gentleman. Little does he know of the surprises that lay in store for him as he discovers that he has so many secrets to uncover.

This seminal coming-of-age story serves as one of the most influential pieces of English literature in history. Originally written by one of the greatest novelists of the 19th century Charles Dickens, 'Great Expectations' has been adapted to screen by director Mike Newell ('Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', 'Four Weddings and a Funeral') and screenwriter David Nicholls ('One Day', 'Starter for 10'). It is due to hit UK cinemas from November 30th 2012.

Director: Mike Newell

Starring: Jeremy Irvine, Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes, Holliday Grainger, Robbie Coltrane, Jason Flemyng, Sally Hawkins, Ewen Bremner, David Walliams, Jessie Cave, Ralph Ineson, Tamzin Outhwaite & Olly Alexander. .

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Gullivers Travels Trailer

Gulliver works in a mail room, he's got big dreams and ambitions but he's never had the chance to prevail, when he's mistakenly given the a new assignment to write a piece on the Bermuda Triangle, he accepts his mission and he soon finds himself a giant among men. In this case, it's quite literally the truth when he lands upon the island of Lilliput.

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