Actress Olivia Wilde learned all about the dangers of brewing while researching her new role as an unlikely beer maker in Drinking Buddies - she was almost blinded.

The Tron: Legacy star didn't take the proper precautions during a demonstration at "beer boot camp" and spent weeks in agonising pain.

She tells Wenn, "It really hurts to get boiling beer splashed in your eye!

"We were at the brewery and we were learning about the process of making beer and (co-star) Jake (Johnson) was pouring in the hops into boiling wort (the syrupy liquid substance that makes up beer)... and everyone else was wearing goggles except me and I leaned into his shoulder and it went into my eye.

"I felt I had to play it cool and I did, even though I was suffering terribly. I admitted it three weeks later that I was in horrible pain. We learned to respect how difficult it is to make a great beer."