For most people the hope is that you marry once and it lasts forever, however that is less and less likely, and even more so in the upper echelons of 'celebrity'. However, second marriages are often the one that sticks. 

The engagement between House's Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis from Saturday Night Live was revealed in People magazine over the weekend. It will be the second marriage for both of them, so a US Weekly source said "they've both been married, so they've already experienced that and know what it entails. [Jason] finally found the one that made him want to commit," the source adds. "They've both been through it before and this has just felt right from the get-go. Everyone is happy for them."

Speaking to USA Today she revealed how excited she is about being a Mom one day: "Yes, yes, absolutely. I think it would be great." She said, "My mom was a great example of having a professional life and having a kid. It can be done. No one is saying it's easy. But I'm totally inspired by the idea of being a badass working professional mom.. I'm so into my dog. I can't imagine how I will smother my child." 

Wilde has a wild year ahead of her, nevermind the engagement there are three films set to be released that she'll be running around doing promo for. Notably, the Ron Howard directed Rush, and Steve Carrell comedy The Incredible Burt Wonderstone