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Just Before I Go Trailer

Ted (Seann William Scott) is done. Since his wife left him, he has decided that there is nothing left to live for, and he is prepared to kill himself. He only has one thing he wishes to do before he ends it all: get back at all the people who have wronged him over the years. Be it an old school teacher who he felt was too hard on him, or a school bully who made his life miserable, Ted intends to give them hell. That is, until he starts to learn just how much people change over time, and how change itself is something worth living for. Now, at the darkest moment in his life, can Ted really change, and learn the truth about life, love and friendship?

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The Wedding Ringer Review


An unapologetically silly movie that manages to hit the right notes, this free-wheeling comedy makes up for its corny premise with sharp writing and acting. And as it keeps the audience laughing, it's also quietly finding some rather intriguing things to say about masculinity in American society. Thankfully, preaching a message is never this film's intention. And both Kevin Hart and Josh Gad bring so much charm and energy to their roles that they instantly become a movie duo we'd like to see together again and again.

Gad plays Doug, the nervous groom preparing for his wedding to Gretchen (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), a girl far hotter than he ever imagined he'd get for a wife. But Doug has no friends who are willing to be his best man and groomsmen, so he turns to his wedding planner (Serricchio) for help getting in touch with an underground service that provides them. Enter Jimmy (Hart), the fast-talking, quick-thinking best man for hire who assembles a hilariously rag-tag group of "friends" as groomsmen. As they indulge in some condensed bonding so they can convince everyone they're best pals, these guys actually begin to have fun together. And Doug begins to hope that maybe this isn't just a professional partnership.

Yes, what we have here is a bromance between Doug and Jimmy, two friendless guys who discover that maybe together they can change their lives. Filmmaker Jeremy Garelick never tries to obscure the standard rom-com structure, and the simple plot is utterly predictable, but there are surprising currents of comedy and emotion running everywhere. Hart and Gad manage to bring out all kinds of riotous humour, underlying insecurities and general comic mayhem in each scene. Hart's cocky run-on dialogue is hilarious, and matched perfectly by Gad's gung-ho physicality. But even more intriguing are the darker layers beneath the silly surface. And everything is livened up by a raucously ridiculous supporting cast, including veterans Ken Howard and Mimi Rogers as Gretchen's too-intense parents and an underused Cloris Leachman as her bedraggled granny.

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The Wedding Ringer - Alternative Trailer

A wedding is a time for all of your friends and family to come together and celebrate your union with another person and the start of your new family. But for someone like Doug Harris (Josh Gad) who has no friends and is engaged to a woman deemed 'too good for him', it's looking to be a nightmare. With the day of the wedding drawing steadily closer, Doug is convinced to hire a best man and group of groomsmen, and calls upon the services of Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), owner and CEO of Best Man, Inc. From there, Doug and Jimmy have a week to establish themselves as 'best friends' and make themselves look like people that have spent the best part of their lives together. But in the process of Bachelor Parties and wedding planning, it starts to look like Doug's new friends are turning him into a completely different person.

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World Premiere Of Screen Gems "The Wedding Ringer"

Olivia Thirlby - A host of stars were photographed as they arrived for the World premiere of Screen Gems comedy film "The Wedding Ringer" starring Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Alan Ritchson and Josh Gad among others. The premiere was held at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 6th January 2015

Olivia Thirlby
Olivia Thirlby
Olivia Thirlby
Olivia Thirlby

Michael Kors Celebrates The Launch Of Claiborne Swanson Frank's Young Hollywood

Olivia Thirlby - Stars attended the launch of Claiborne Swanson Frank's Young Hollywood from New York based fashion designer Michael Kors at a private residence in Beverly Hills, California, United States - Thursday 2nd October 2014

Olivia Thirlby
Olivia Thirlby

The Wedding Ringer Trailer

Doug is all set to get married to his beautiful wife-to-be with wedding plans well underway, but there's just one problem; he can't find anyone willing to be his best man. He may be successful career-wise, but his social skills leave much to be desired. With no close friends to speak of, he has a massive problem - especially as he needs an additional seven groomsmen and he's already told his fiancee that everything is fine. It's then he discovers the Best Man Inc.; a special organisation that provides best man services to engaged social outcasts, for a price. With the help of his new best friend Jimmy, Doug sets out to try and fool his guests and his bride that he does have people close to him - but things don't look like they're going to run smoothly, especially when he meets his eccentic groom's party.

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3rd Annual Summer Party On The Highline

Olivia Thirlby - 3rd Annual Summer Party On The Highline - Arrivals - NY, NY, United States - Wednesday 12th June 2013

Olivia Thirlby

Filming On Location For Tv Show '5 To 7'

Anton Yelchin and Olivia Thirlby - Filming takes place on location outside the Guggenheim Museum for tv show '5 to 7' - New York City, New York, United States - Wednesday 29th May 2013

Anton Yelchin and Olivia Thirlby

Prabal Gurung For Target Launch Event

Chris Conroy and Olivia Thirlby - Prabal Gurung for Target Launch Event New York City United States Wednesday 6th February 2013

Olivia Thirlby and Chris Conroy
Olivia Thirlby
Olivia Thirlby
Olivia Thirlby
Olivia Thirlby
Chris Conroy and Olivia Thirlby

Dredd 3D Round-Up: Not Everyone Dreads The Judge

Judge Dredd Sylvester Stallone Karl Urban Olivia Thirlby Lena Headey

Judge Dredd is back! Not literally, but back in cinemas at least after nearly 20 years since Sylvester Stallone graced the screen with his portrayal of the futuristic super cop. The reboot of the franchise (now in 3D!) follows Dredd, who still serves as judge, jury and executioner, as he and a trainee cop team up against a sizeable chunk of the criminal world in a bid to take down a gang that deals the reality-altering drug, SLO-MO. A heavily covered up Karl Urban takes on the lead role with Olivia Thirlby as his young sidekick and Lena Headey as the overseer of a huge criminal empire.

The film currently lies with a 77% ‘Fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes and so far has proved to be a surprise hit with some critics, whilst others have been a little less forgiving to the ultra-violent depiction of the future. Both the New York Times and Los Angeles Times have given the film a thorough drubbing, both stating that the film is chock full of lousy ideas and “disposable character” as well as “clunk-headed action.”

However not all have been so harsh, with the majority of reviews applauding the visuals and the gritty style the film was made in. One reviewer for the Daily Telegraph summed the film up well and frank enough, saying, “It's really quite good.” The film is in cinemas now.

Dredd Review

If you can still remember Sylvester Stallone's ridiculous 1995 sci-fi action romp Judge Dredd, don't worry. This is not a remake. It's a film actually based on the graphic novels themselves, so it has a completely different style of characters and setting. Leaner and much meaner, it's also one of the most textured and intelligent futuristic bloodbaths in ages.

It's the not-so-distant future, and 800 million people are crammed into the only remaining inhabitable area in North America, a mega-city that covers the East Coast. With so many people, crime is out of control, so cops and lawyers have been replaced with judges who arrest, try and execute criminals on the spot. Dredd (Urban) is a particularly efficient judge, assigned one day to take trainee Anderson (Thirlby) with him for evaluation. But they walk into a nasty gang war in a 200-storey tower block, where snarling gang boss Ma-Ma (Headey) locks them in and starts hunting them down. And while Dredd and Anderson have to be careful not to kill the block's innocent residents, Ma-ma doesn't care how many people die.

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Dredd Trailer

In a chaotic dystopian future, America has turned into one huge slum devastated by the Atomic Wars and overrun with criminals. Survivors of the old world dwell in megacities in order to separate themselves from the radioactive parts of the world known as Cursed Earth occupied by mutant people. The only ones enforcing any kind of order in the country are the Judges of the Hall of Justice; police officers that have been given the role of judge, jury and executioner. Judge Dredd is the most advanced and experienced Judge and takes it upon himself to mentor a rookie called Cassandra Anderson who possesses psychic powers due to a genetic mutation caused in the Atomic Wars. The pair bravely venture to the one place that few Judges ever dare to endeavour; a two-hundred floor drug manufacturing base run by the heavily scarred, merciless Ma-Ma in one unruly city known as Mega City One. She and her ring of criminals are producing a new drug on a massive scale called Slo-Mo which makes the consumer perceive time moving at 1% of its normal speed. Judge Dredd and Cassandra must fight for their lives as they embark on a deadly mission to end Ma-Ma's reign of power.

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Being Flynn Trailer

For most of his life, Nick Flynn has never known his father. He has remained absent for most of his life, serving time in prison for forging cheques. Nick's father, called Jonathan, is a self-proclaimed poet and spent most of his time in prison writing letters and poems.

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The Darkest Hour Review

An intriguing idea and inventive visual approach is let down by a script that runs out out of steam before it ever reaches full speed. There simply isn't enough to the characters or plot to hold our interest.

Sean (Hirsch) has accompanied his pal Ben (Minghella) to Moscow for a work pitch that immediately goes awry. Drowning their sorrows in a hip bar, they meet hot tourists Natalie and Anne (Thirlby and Taylor). But a citywide blackout signals the arrival of alien creatures that aren't much more than pulses of light and energy. And they're intent on obliterating humans. So these four young people start an odyssey of survival, meeting a variety of colourful characters along the way.

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No Strings Attached Review

An intelligent script and smart direction help lift this romantic comedy above the fray. It doesn't tell us anything new, and the central gimmick isn't particularly insightful, but the cast keeps the tone sharp and funny.

Adam (Kutcher) and Emma (Portman) have spent 15 years flirting at the random points where their lives have crossed. Now living in Los Angeles, they meet again and decide what they really need is sex without a relationship. Adam's pals (Bridges and Johnson) are jealous, while Emma's colleague (Lawson) believes he's the right man for her instead. But things start getting complicated when Adam's ex (Lovibond) moves in with his star-writer dad (Kline), and Emma starts thinking about relationships as her sister (Thirlby) gets married.

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