The People's Choice Awards is a far cry from the Golden Globes or the Oscars. They are entirely different beasts, but of the same species. If they were baked goods, the People's Choice awards is a cupcake made and decorated by your children, delicious and heart warming. In contrast, the Globes and Oscars are pistachio macaroons, exquisitely made and sometimes with a surprise filling. They're both great, they're both delicious, but the People's Choice just has a little more heart.

This heart comes from the fact that it really is the People's choice. The paying and viewing public audience are the ones who vote for every single winner, so, as Emma Watson said when receiving the award for Best Dramatic Movie, for Perks of Being a Wallflower, it just means more knowing that it's thousands of people voting for you. 

The awards also added a new one in the mix this year: 'Favourite Humanitarian'. The first winner of it was Sandra Bullock, mostly for her work in New Orleans. As E! said her speech was a little bit heart wrenching. 

However, all that lovey-dovey, coming-from-the-heart stuff was given a very brief stiff edge when Olivia Munn (you may have seen her recently in New Girl) snubbed Taylor Swift a little. We can't tell whether she was joking though, parodying the Kayne West débâcle that came Swift's way when she won an award a few years ago. Munn scowled when the young country singer tried to kiss her and then took the award from her. "This always happens to me," she said.