Actress Olivia Munn is sporting a new scar on her right leg after flying into a panic following a coyote sighting and crashing her motorcycle.

The Magic Mike star reveals she used to only ride her chopper in the dead of night, from 2am to 4am, in a bid to avoid the heavy Los Angeles traffic and reckless drivers.

However, after incessant teasing from her pals, Munn decided to live on the edge and take her bike out for a spin in the day time - but things don't go so well.

She tells U.S. Tv host Jay Leno, "The one time I went out I decided to go for a little bit of a ride, just have fun, go see a friend. I got a little nervous and I was like, 'I'm just gonna come back home. There's a lot of traffic around, a lot of cars.'

"I come home and as I'm pulling up my street... a coyote comes out... in front of me, looking straight at me. I don't know what to do, I freak out, I'm still going, I skid out, take my motorcycle down (and) now I have a scar."

Showing off her now-healed wound for the camera, she adds, "I'm a girl so that's a pretty big deal."