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Jon S. Baird Wanted Film Script To Be 'Perfect'

Jon S.Baird wanted to make sure the 'Stan & Ollie' script was ''perfect'' before shooting the movie.The director's latest comedy drama - which stars Steve Coogan as Stan and John C. Reilly as Ollie -...

John C. Reilly Felt Reluctant To Accept Oliver Hardy Role

John C. Reilly was reluctant to take on the role of Oliver Hardy in 'Stan & Ollie' because he didn't want to gain weight. The 53-year-old actor has admitted that at first, he was not...

Steve Coogan And John C. Reilly's Co-dependence

Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly were ''co-dependent'' while shooting 'Stan and Ollie'.The two actors portray comedy legends Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in the new movie and they quickly developed a close bond from...

Steve Coogan Says Laurel And Hardy Were Like A Married Couple

Steve Coogan claims that Laurel and Hardy were like a married couple.The 'Stan and Ollie' actor - who is playing Stan Laurel in the biographical film about the iconic comedy duo - revealed that the...

Steve Coogan And John C. Reilly To Portray Laurel And Hardy In New Movie

Coogan will portray Laurel, while Chicago star Reilly will take on Hardy in Stan & Ollie, a film which will chronicle the duo's 1953 British tour. The movie will be directed by...

Laurel And Hardy Letters Up For Auction

British born Laurel, who alongside Hardy became one of the icons of early Hollywood, wrote 41 letters to Nellie Bushby, his cousin in Cumbria, England, and they are going under the hammer along...

Ricky Gervais Says Losers Are Life's Characters

Ricky Gervais says "losers" are the real "interesting" characters in life.The comedian - who shot to fame starring and writing in 90s sitcom 'The Office' - would much rather focus his TV shows on the...

Cowardly Lion Suit Sells For $700,000

The cowardly lion costume from 1939 film THE WIZARD OF OZ has sold at auction for a staggering $700,000 (GBP357,000). The outfit, made from real lion fur and worn by actor BERT LAHR in the...

Tracey And Hepburn Named As Best On-screen Pairing

SPENCER TRACEY and KATHARINE HEPBURN had the greatest on-screen chemistry in the history of cinema, according to a group of British scientists. The couple, whose chemistry extended off screen as they filmed nine movies...

Laurel And Hardy Fans In Food Fight

A horde of fans kicked off a special tribute to classic movie comedians STAN LAUREL and OLIVER HARDY in America on Saturday (19JUL03) - by throwing pies at each other. About 20 of the...

Hardy House Sold

Silver screen funnyman OLIVER HARDY's Hollywood home has been sold for $729,000 (GBP455,600). The LAUREL + HARDY star lived in the four-bedroom house with his wife MYRTLE during his Hollywood heyday in the 1930s...

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Gloo - XYZ Album Review

Gloo is a new supergroup consisting of UK mystic-beat producers Iglooghost and Kai Whiston as well as nu-pop singer/producer BABii.

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