Olga Tañón, the Puerto Rican Grammy Award-winner, is searching high and low for a doctor who can diagnose the mental disorder that her teenage daughter suffers from, after spending years working to discover what the rare condition actually is. The singer/songwriter's 14-year-old daughter with ex-husband Juan 'Igor' Gonzalez, Gabriella, is mentally challenged - yet the cause is as of yet unknown. 

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Tañón has now turned to the media in order to help raise awareness and help her search to find a diagnosis, and hopes that mental health experts will become aware and possibly be able to help her daughter. In an interview with 'New York Daily News', Tañón revealed: "We are looking for a doctor, a haematologist, that's interested in taking a case like Gabriella's, that's why it's important, because a lot of people read your paper... Gabriella at this moment is the only such case in the world."

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