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Cohen Barred From White House

29th September 2006

SACHA BARON COHEN has been barred from the White House after failing in his bid to invite US President GEORGE W BUSH to a screening of his upcoming movie, BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR...

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Stars Captured In Court Artist's New Book

29th September 2006

Images of stars like OJ SIMPSON, MICHAEL JACKSON and ANNA NICOLE SMITH on trial are set to feature in a new coffee table book by celebrated court artist MONA SHAFER EDWARDS. The artist has been...

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Oj Hopes Internet Diary Will Clean Up His Tarnished Image

8th August 2006

Sports hero-turned-actor OJ SIMPSON has hit the road in America to shoot a new image-boosting internet diary. Fans who check out will be able to watch Simpson conduct radio interviews, chat to fans at...

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Woods Hopes New Tv Attorney Will Inspire Lawmakers

19th July 2006

Movie star JAMES WOODS hopes his new US TV drama SHARK encourages the nation's District Attorneys to take greater risks to bring felons to justice - because he's tired of seeing the guilty walk free....

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Simpson Caught Up In Sex Tape Scandal

15th June 2006

OJ SIMPSON is at the centre of a new sex tape controversy following claims from a porn promoter that he caught the American football star-turned-actor in a threesome. DAVID HANS SCHMIDT is selling the footage...

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Brown: 'I Don't Hate Oj'

13th June 2006

The sister of NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON insists her feelings of hatred for OJ SIMPSON have gone. The former American football champion was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his ex-wife and her friend RON GOLDMAN on...

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Lachey Dating Top Lawyer Kardashian's Daughter?

27th May 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON's broken-hearted ex NICK LACHEY has reportedly found love with the daughter of OJ SIMPSON's lawyer ROBERT KARDASHIAN. The hunky singer was spotted holding hands and smooching with busty brunette KIMBERLY KARDASHIAN at a...

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Simpson Slammed For Getaway Car Quip

12th May 2006

OJ SIMPSON is under fire for a joky scene in his candid camera series JUICED - in which he pretends to sell the 'getaway' car he used prior to his arrest for allegedly murdering ex-wife...

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Richards Claims 'Paranoid' Sheen Drove Her Away

25th April 2006

Former BOND girl DENISE RICHARDS left husband CHARLIE SHEEN last year (05) after his alleged paranoia left her fearing for her life, according to legal papers filed by the actress. In legal documents filed last...

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Oj Simpson Slams Blake Verdict

21st November 2005

OJ SIMPSON has slammed the US legal system for allowing the kind of double trials which have seen both him and ROBERT BLAKE found liable for murder in a civil case, despite being acquitted by...

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Gotti Lawyer Inspired By Oj Simpson Trial

18th November 2005

LATEST: Hip-hop moguls IRV and CHRIS LORENZO's lawyer used a ploy from the OJ SIMPSON trial yesterday (17NOV05) to discredit a key witness's allegation that a crack dealer delivered a $70,000 (GBP39,000)-stuffed shoebox to the...

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Rivers Slams High-profile Juries

20th October 2005

Acid-tongued JOAN RIVERS has hit out at the US justice system, slamming juries on high-profile celebrity cases as being comprised of "morons". The notoriously outspoken comedienne cites the MICHAEL JACKSON case as a particularly...

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Oj Simpson Is The Devil, Says Brown

8th October 2005

The sister of murder victim NICOLE BROWN has branded OJ SIMPSON "the devil", after learning the fallen star has been making personal appearances she believes to be on the back of his notoriety. DENISE...

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Oj Simpson Makes Appearance At Comic Book Convention

1st October 2005

OJ SIMPSON is making a rare public appearance at a Hallowe'enthemed comic book convention, which coincides with the 10th anniversary of his acquittal on murder charges, The former American football player has agreed...

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Simpson Kicked Out Of Convention

1st August 2005

Former American football star OJ SIMPSON was kicked out of an Illinois convention on Saturday (30JUL05), after showing up unannounced and selling his autographs to fans. Simpson made the unexpected appearance at Rosemont's 26th...

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Oj Simpson Loses Pirating Case

27th July 2005

OJ SIMPSON has been ordered to pay $25,000 (GBP138,800) in damages for pirating satellite television signals. Florida District Judge JOAN LENARD awarded the damages, plus attorneys' fees and other costs, after granting a motion...

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Oj Simpson Caught Up In Brawl With Ex

7th July 2005

Sportsman-turned-actor OJ SIMPSON has been caught up in another legal controversy, and this time he was on the receiving end of a beating. A friend of the NAKED GUN star called police in Miami,...

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Irs Threaten To Seize Simpson's Property

23rd May 2005

Sporting superstar OJ SIMPSON is in danger of losing his Los Angeles estate and other property unless he pays US government agency the INLAND REVENUE SERVICE (IRS) the $685,248 (GBP360,656) he owes in 1994 taxes,...

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Blake Offers In-laws A Settlement

19th April 2005

Actor ROBERT BLAKE's initial offer to end his legal feud with his late wife's family has been rejected. The former BARETTA star, who was acquitted of the murder of BONNY LEE BAKLEY last month...

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Stars Gather At Cochran's Funeral

6th April 2005

OJ SIMPSON and MICHAEL JACKSON were among the hundreds of mourners in attendance at famed lawyer JOHNNIE COCHRAN JR's funeral this morning (06APR05). Jackson, whose molestation trial is in recess, walked slowly into Los...

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Blake Plans Settlement With Bakley Family

31st March 2005

Actor ROBERT BLAKE is aiming for an out-of-court settlement with the family of his murdered wife to avoid a civil trial into her wrongful death. The BARETTA star was found not guilty on 16...

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Simpson: 'Cochran Saved Me From Jail'

31st March 2005

THE NAKED GUN star OJ SIMPSON has paid an emotional tribute to late celebrity defence attorney JOHNNIE COCHRAN, who died of a brain tumour on Tuesday (29MAR05) aged 67. Simpson believes he would be...

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Brain Tumour Kills Johnnie Cochran

30th March 2005

Top celebrity defence attorney JOHNNIE COCHRAN has died at his home in Los Angeles. He was 67. In a statement, a spokesman for Cochran's family announced the legal eagle, famous for representing stars like...

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Oj's Brother Caught Up In Fatal Bus Accident

25th February 2005

OJ SIMPSON's brother MELVIN has found himself at the centre of a San Francisco, California, tragedy after losing control of the shuttle bus he was driving and killing a passenger. The 58-year-old fell asleep...

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Simpson Named In Bartender's Dui Charge

2nd February 2005

NAKED GUN star OJ SIMPSON has been blamed for a bartender's decision to drink-drive. Simpson, whose own past legal woes saw him acquitted of murdering his ex-wife NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON and her friend RONALD...

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Another Simpson Arrested As Oj's Girl Faces Jail

19th January 2005

OJ SIMPSON has been dragged into another legal mess after his 19- year-old daughter SYDNEY was arrested on disorderly conduct charges. The teenager faces up to a year in jail for refusing to cooperate...

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Sharon Stone In Court

10th December 2004

SHARON STONE has been called to court in downtown Los Angeles - as a possible jury member. The movie star appeared in the same courthouse where OJ SIMPSON was tried for his wife's murder...

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Beatles, M*a*s*h + Ewing On Tv Moments List

2nd December 2004

THE BEATLES' debut on the ED SULLIVAN SHOW and the M*A*S*H finale have joined major news events like the funeral of JOHN J KENNEDY, the moon landing and the Twin Towers' collapse in a new...

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Oj's Crime Dog Dies

25th November 2004

The only eye-witness to the slaying of OJ SIMPSON's late wife NICOLE and her lover has died, aged 11. KATO, Nicole's pet Akita dog, had been living with his former mistress' parents after her...

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Simpson: 'I'd Rather Play Golf Than Pay Goldman'

24th November 2004

OJ SIMPSON has promised to play golf until he dies in favour of giving FRED GOLDMAN any of the $33.5 million (GBP18.6 million) a court ordered him to pay for allegedly killing Goldman's son Ron...

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