First things first: Bulgarian Lovers doesn't take place in Bulgaria. The story unfolds on the fun-filled streets of Madrid, where a large community of middle-aged gay men are always on the lookout for sex and excitement. They find both with what seems to be an equally large group of young illegal immigrants from Bulgaria who know how to trade sex for money and make a go of it in a capitalist land. It's an "invasion of multicolored boys," as one excited observer exclaims. The Spaniards throw lavish parties, and the scruffy Bulgarians show up in droves, swooping down on the buffet and pigging out like they haven't eaten for days. One of the men quips that, "They think all the men in Spain are either cops or fairies since they're the only men who talk to them."

Wealthy consultant Daniel (Fernando Guillén Cuervo) is a fixture on the scene, and when he encounters Kyril (Dritan Biba), a hunky 23-year-old Bulgarian, it's love at first sight (or, more accurately, after a night of mind-bending sex). Even though he knows better, he's totally enthralled, much to the amusement of his sarcastic friends. The easygoing but ambitious Kyril makes no secret of his desire to get rich, drive a fast car, and marry Kalina (Anita Sinkovic), the girl he left back home. Daniel doesn't mind. He just keeps handing over hundreds of euros and promises to help Kyril "fix his papers." Daniel says, "I'd give my life for you." Kyril responds, "I'd also give your life for me." Not exactly the basis of a healthy relationship.

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