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Run From Safety
Album Review

Octoberman Run From Safety Album

It's rare to be taken aback by a singer-songwriter these days, but the range of talent on display here is almost shocking. Ex-Vancouver resident Marc Morrissette produced a stunning debut in 2005 - These Trails Are Old And New - with tales of the road that would have flatted Neil Young these past 30 years.

Now, with an expanded band behind him, and some varied instrumentation, Run From Safety takes the game on a few notches. You'll hear everything you want in here - Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine, Pavement, Dylan, Elliot Smith - but you'll also hear something new. The melancholia and melody are hypnotic, and the rhythm adds in real compulsion. One listen to Cisco Kid or the title track and you'll be in deep.

It's easiest to find this disc on online download sites like, but that surely can't last long - Morrissette is like some great Beck/ Bright Eyes hybrid and significant success must surely be on its way. Album of the week.


Mike Rea

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