Review of New Pin Single by Oceansize

New Pin
Beggars Banquet
20th March
Single Review

Oceansize New Pin Single

Why is it that even after two albums and countless singles and EPs, Mancunian quartet Oceansize still sound like the proggy post-rock side project of the late and severely lamented Mansun?

Granted, there is no law that says every song must have a time signature with a middle eight not lasting above three minutes, but a bit of poise and direction never goes amiss whatever your bag.

'New Pin' isn't so much a bad song, its more a case of there isn't really a song there, or maybe there is and it's trying to escape? Whatever the problem may be, Oceansize sound less than convincing with this release which for my money should have been left alone on the album where it welds together better with the rest of the record.

By the time b-side 'Superfluous To Requirements' has started up, I've already turned off…Next.

Dom Gourlay


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