Review of Frames Album by Oceansize

Album Review

Oceansize Frames Album

Though still relatively unknown to the music world, this Manchester 5-piece have managed to build a loyal & fanatical following. Now onto their third album with Frames, the band will be hoping to win even more admirers.

Oceansize's sound consists of multi-layered arrangements which borrow elements of post-rock and heavy metal to create a sense of epic brutality. Unfortunately though, Oceansize lose points vocally. Though you might be thankful to find that lead singer Mike Vennart doesn't show any glimpses of a half-baked Liam Gallagher, the wannabe American rock/emo-pop vocals the band cling onto are just as bad, if not worse.

Even though Oceansize's Frames will appeal to many, it's also certain to dissatisfy many hardened followers of the post-rock & heavy metal genres. Overall; I would be lying if I said that this record is anything other than a little disappointing.

Colin Burrill

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