Oasis member Noel Gallagher will take time out from performing with his successful band to release a solo alum. The Don't Look Back In Anger hitmaker has already written a large selection of songs earmarked for the forthcoming album, which he hopes to release in between world tours with the British band. Gallagher was inspired to go alone after wowing audiences and critics with his recent solo appearances singing the band's songs. He explains, "I have actually got a backlog of songs that are slowly building up. The thing about a solo record is the time to do one is between Oasis world tours because you'd have a good couple of years. "But it takes me so long to write the songs that eventually I run out of time, but I've got a backlog now of about four or five songs which are probably too far in the past as far as the band is concerned, but which could work on my record... it's coming."