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Showbiz Review Of The Year

7th January 2007

By Ian Garland and Sarah Henshaw 2006 has been a year of showbiz scandal. Careers have been made and destroyed and marriages have started and ended. If there's one lasting and poignant message for celebrities to...

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Music Review Of 2006

28th December 2006

By Ian Garland and Sarah Henshaw It's been another busy year in the music world. Songs have topped charts, albums have flown off shelves and musicians have kept up the grand old tradition of rock and...

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Cox Gets Back To Basics

20th July 2005

COURTENEY COX proved her true mettle while working on forthcoming thriller NOVEMBER, because director GREGORY HARRISON had no budget to lavish her with the usual movie star perks. The film had a paltry $150,000...

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Slash Keeps Rocking For The Money

14th January 2005

Former GUNS N' ROSES rocker SLASH needed to hit the road again with new band VELVET REVOLVER, because he didn't make enough money from his time with the rock legends to last him into retirement...

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Cox's Pregnant Memory

21st January 2004

FRIENDS beauty COURTENEY COX has fallen victim to a common pregnancy trait - having a bad memory. The brunette actress flew to Park City, Utah to promote her independent film NOVEMBER at the SUNDANCE...

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Cox Set For A Dark Future After Friends

4th December 2003

COURTENEY COX is going from one extreme to the other when FRIENDS comes to an end next year (04) - her first post-sitcom movie will be one of 2004's darkest films. The SCREAM actress...

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Wyclef: Affair With Lauren Hill Nearly Split My Marriage

30th November 2003

Former FUGEES star WYCLEF JEAN has finally admitted his affair with bandmate LAUREN HILL split the group - and nearly wrecked his marriage. Since the READY OR NOT hitmakers disbanded in 1997 Wyclef -...

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Franz Ferdinand Tours In Oct

19th September 2003

This week sees the release of...

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