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Serpico Review

Damn dirty cops! It's gonna take Frank Serpico to clean up this town!!!

Based on a true story of rampant corruption and internal affairs in New York City (where else?), Serpico stands as the consummate cop movie, right up there with The French Connection. But while The French Connection is a standard cops-and-robbers movie, Serpico is pretty much cops-and-cops, as Al Pacino's title character hunts out corruption inside the department even though it means all but signing his death warrant.

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Saturday Night Fever Review

Very Good
Time and the selectiveness of memory has recorded Saturday Night Fever as a fun romp about disco and little more. Check out the reviews online -- they talk about how great the Bee Gees music is, John Travolta's dance moves, his hairdo, and his Brooklyn swagger. If the plot is mentioned at all, it's the meta-version, about how Travolta's Tony Manero wants to break free of his stifling Brooklyn residence, oppressive family, and blue-collar job -- maybe an escape to the big city across the river?

Little mention is made of the sad and often hopeless tale of Tony's bleak little world, full of fistfights, a tragic semi-suicide/accident, and even the gang rape of his girlfriend by his friends. After all of it, Tony gets his hair coiffed and gets back up on the dance floor, even if he's sporting bruises and bandages across his face.

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Joe Review

Radical working-class bigot Joe (Peter Boyle) certainly has some ideas ("32 percent of all liberals are queers!"), and in his namesake cult film, he discovers that the wealthy father (Dennis Patrick) of a junkie (Susan Sarandon in her awkward motion picture debut) has murdered her drug dealing boyfriend. He extorts Patrick into a friendship, and together they strike up an unlikely friendship. Unfortunately, after the initial shock wears off, so does Joe wear out his friendship in the film. Little happens for the last hour, leaving us to wonder if writer Norman Wexler couldn't have fashioned a better story for this creep to wander through.
Norman Wexler

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