From the rolling hills of Devon to the ever competitive scene in America, Noel Harrison would never reach the levels of stardom that his song – Windmills of Your Mind – perhaps deserved. But it wasn’t through a lack of talent or want of trying; Harrison didn’t want a celebrity status.

Watch Harrison sing his hit song, Windmills of Your Mind

The singer – the son of actor Rex Harrison – died in his home in Devon, aged 79.

Harrison Spent much of his life in America. After moving to the US, he starred in the TV series - The Girl from UNCLE, progressed musically with A Young Girl and Suzanne, by Leonard Cohen.

On his website he wrote: "I was part of the 'British Invasion' spearheaded by The Beatles. I bought a nice house in Los Angeles. There was another US charts record and four years of endless TV appearances, theatre tours and star-studded social occasions."

But he revealed he "didn't like being a celebrity" and spent his sixties mixing performing with construction work before moving back to the UK, adding, "I was well out of the goldfish bowl and I liked it." (BBC)

He once said, of recording The Windmills Of Your Mind – which won the Oscar for Best Song back in 1968, and was subsequently covered by Dusty Springfield - "It didn't seem like a big deal at the time. I went to the studio one afternoon and sang it and pretty much forgot about it."

Harrison continued: "I didn't realise until later what a timeless, beautiful piece Michel LeGrand and the Bergmans had written. It turned out to be my most notable piece of work."

He was married three times and had children and grandchildren from his first two marriages.