Noel Gallagher wants to use a choir on his forthcoming solo LP.

The former Oasis guitarist - who quit the band last August following a series of explosive rows with his brother, frontman Liam Gallagher - wants the Crouch End Festival Chorus to appear on the record after performing with them at London's Royal Albert Hall last month.

David Temple, the choir's conductor, said: "I was speaking to Noel's manager about this and I was saying to him, 'We'll get the very best out of the choir if we get any recording. It'd be in a studio, we'd love it."

While Noel has said little about his solo record, Liam has revealed his is working with his fellow former Oasis bandmates - Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock - but won't be reprising the name because he hates it.

He said: "It's not Oasis. That was a s**t name anyway. I'm glad to see the back of it. There's one that we're digging at the moment, but we're going to get on with the music and see how it goes. If we haven't got a better one by then, we'll go with the one we're into.

"We'll be on stage this year, without a doubt. We're halfway through the record - the demos, that is.

"We're in the studio this April to see if this producer works out. If he does, we'll crack on with the album through June and July."