Noel Gallagher went into the woods to quit DRUGS.

The songwriter gave up cocaine in 1998 after using the drug for years while he was in Oasis, and rather than go to rehab he just relied on his own willpower.

He said: "The giving up of gear itself was just, 'Do you want to be a junkie any more?' 'No, I don't, let's stop taking drugs.'

"What was more difficult was leaving a circle of friends. The next part of the war is you can't be surrounded by people who do [drugs] any more - initially, at least.

"I had to go for a long walk in the woods. It was easy, but then I wasn't doing smack and I wasn't an alcoholic. They are the tricky ones. With anything else a bit of willpower will do it."

Noel believes he was able to quit drugs without professional help because he never experimented with heroin and had never developed a dependency on alcohol.

He added in an interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper: "Alcoholism and heroin are so powerful. You're never fully freed from that. I've got friends who are still in meetings who have been off heroin for 20 years."

The 'If I Had A Gun...' singer and his brother and former bandmate Liam were notorious for their hellraising antics in the 90s and partied with numerous stars, including Johnny Depp and his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss, Courtney Love and Steve Coogan.